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46 / Male / Single
Yorkshire, United Kingdom
I'm into outdoorsy stuff like hiking and cycling and foraging. I like astrology, astronomy cooking, football and lots of other things. On TV I especially like Doctor Who, Masterchef, Two and a Half Men and anything presented by Anthony Bourdain and I'm also a big WWE fan

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Q. I'm sooooooo annoying
A. you're not at all <3
 Nov 16th 2018 10:15

Q. Boo...
A. Yo :P
 Nov 15th 2018 10:28

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Thank You For Added Me
Aug 7th 2016 08:31

It is a brand split but the question is will it be like the the corporation vs alliance.
Jun 24th 2016 14:11

Considering Roman just got suspended for 30 days, I like that Dean is champ. But, it won't last. As an Ambrose fan I know he is a placeholder like Paige was for An Led. What do you think?
Jun 21st 2016 23:30

Also a WWE fan here!
Jun 21st 2016 08:54

Thanks for adding me.
Jun 5th 2016 15:37

Hey all my yalls Brian Donofrio made another song, mixed it and put my voice in it again! Will you please tell us what you think?
Dec 16th 2014 10:09

thank you very much!
Nov 27th 2014 12:22

Hey will you please go check out my songs and tell me what you think! :))
Nov 25th 2014 12:28

Hey thanks for the add :)
Jul 23rd 2014 23:44

Thanks For The Add
Jul 1st 2014 23:01