1/3/2023 - Friends

I'm starting off the year with a little bit of lingering sadness that I'm 23 years old and no longer welcome on the social websites that I grew up on.

One of them is overrun with tweens, self-diagnosing DID and using their "diagnosis" as a sort of list of OCs that they get to roleplay. (It would make sense to see one or two users with DID, sure, but not a lot of people use that website and suddenly more than 60% of accounts run by people 13-16 have DID????)

That's like people looking at depressed people and thinking: I'm going to make this my personality, now. Look how aesthetic it is!

Anyway, most people my age are now either going to or in the middle of university, gaining family members and getting jobs, it's hard for someone like me, with a lot of time on my hands, to keep and even make friends.

I'm currently down to one friend, which happens to be my husband. It feels different, though. I feel that there's a need to have a friend outside of the family.

Or I can remain alone, which is fine, too.
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1 | Jan 3rd 2023 11:32