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Pete Corvus Biography

Pete Corvus has been an enemy of Grim ever since his first appearances on the show. Despite this, he is more of an anti-hero than an antagonist. Corvus is most notably a 2 time [[YouTube Wrestling Figures Heavyweight Championship|YouTube Wrestling Figures Heavyweight Champion]] and a former 2 time GTS Champion. He is a 3 time GTS Tag Team Champion, once with Matt Castle and twice with Grim, and former 3 time GTS Hardcore Champion (Also, the first person to hold the Hardcore Title more than once), also a 2 time Loser Belt Loser. Most of wrestling moves are Kevin Owens' signature moves. Pete is also a former member of D-Generation Fat where he won Tag Team Championship Gold with Grim. In April, Pete sued Grim for violating a no contact clause between the two and started the Pete Corvus Show, which lasted for one month until he lost a death match to Grim for ownership of both shows. He is a member of Salami Strong Style.

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Panromantic Homosexual

Darling is a very small, nice, adorable, cute, and shy nonbinary person. They have a creative mind and puts passion into everything they do. Darling loves to read, write, sing, draw, and dance. They are a shy person but loves people and takes good care of the other Alters. There is nothing Darling wouldn't do for their family. Darling does a lot for the system and likes to relieve stress with things like Cgl and poetry.
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Elliot Nigel Killian (E.K.)
He/Him It
Demiromantic Demisexual

Elliot Nigel Killian (also known as E.K.) is a doctor. He was born and raised in a shady forest in the middle of nowhere. He was raised by his father who was a therapist at a mental asylum named Bridgemond. It is a long story but E.K. grew up to be the most insane and homicidal Alter in the system. He has a deep hatred for human beings and is not the best with being nice or friendly. He is a very smart and manipulative sadist in life that isn't opposed to any kind of crime. He is not a good person.
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She/Her They/Them
Panromantic Lesbian

Chi is the sweet witch od the group. She is a good person with a big heart and a British accent. She has a big heart for family and loves her brother, Nimb, more than anything. Chi is a good kid with a good childhood and a good family. She loves her friends and cares for everyone she comes around. When she isn't being a dork or talking passionately about politics, she's practising witchcraft and magiks.
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Panromantic Pansexual

Nimb is the flirty bad boy of the system. He is the protector and is always finding himself in trouble. He loves everyone and does his best to care for everyone. When you look past his "I don't care" attitude you'll see a very loving and caring guy that wants the best for everyone. Though, be careful with him. He might act like big sh*t, but he has severe depression and a past of abuse. There is always a lot going on in his mind, but he is quick to worry about someone else.He loves everyone and hates everyone.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Kingdom | Oct 9th 2017 16:46