Original Hybrid Life Saver

        It was a dark night, as Katherine Pierce limped towards the Originals’ family home. She had just had a bad confrontation with a couple vampires. They were hurt, but wouldn’t be for long. She was hurt worse, though, since she was human. So, even though she was hurt, she continued her destination to where they were living at. She needed protection, so she was in search of Elijah. The one she still loved to this day.

        As she entered the house and grabbed the staircase, everything grew dim for her. Then everything went black.

        When Niklaus Mikaelson came home an hour later, he stopped in his tracks, seeing something, or rather, someone unexpected. Katerina whom had ran from him for 500 years was here in his home hurt, out cold, and from the sound of her heart, human. Then he saw a note on a table not far from where she lay. Knowing Elijah’s love for her, he decided that he would save her life. But before he did so, he picked up the letter and read it.

Dear whoever is reading this,

        I need to let you know what has happened. I tried to kill Elena over anger of Bonnie not handing the cure over to me. I didn’t know Elena had it with her and she shoved it down my throat. According to Qetsiyah, I’m dying of old age. Because I’m human because of the cure, I found out that I can’t digest vampire blood. I’ve tried. According to Dr. Wes Maxwell at Elena and Caroline’s college, time is catching up with me, since I turned 500 years ago. Because time is my current enemy, I tried to kill myself, but Stefan stopped me. Also, I gave birth to an illegitimate daughter in 1492 and she recently found me. She’s a vampire by the name of Nadia Petrova. I promised her that we would leave Mystic Falls together after I’m cured of time. I intend to keep my promise.

        In order to be cured, I came to New Orleans, but I was injured by two vampires. So, I headed for the Originals’’ family home in hope of receiving help. Also. I have come for protection. After all, Originals are the strongest and oldest vampires in the world.

        With admiration to Rebekah,

        With love to Elijah,

        With forgiven transgressions to Klaus,

        And with care to Hayley and the child,

        Take care and promise to keep Nadia safe,

        Katerina Petrova,

        “Oh, Katerina. What have you gotten yourself into this time?” he said, though he didn’t know if she could hear him or not.

        He gently picked her up in his arms and headed to his room to lay her down, in order to save her life.

        When she came to, she saw that she was in someone’s room with her wounds taken care of, Klaus standing over her.

        “Katerina,” he greeted her with a friendly smile.

        Why he was being friendly, she didn’t know.

        “Klaus,” she greeted back, looking at him, as she slowly and painfully sat up in bed.

        “How you always manage to get yourself into sticky situations is beyond me, but I promise you that I will help and protect you. And thank you, Katerina.”

        “Why would you? You hate me. And what have I done to deserve this kindness and thanks?”

        “Because I read your note. You’re the first person that has forgiven me. Why you’d forgive me for what I’ve done, I’ll probably never know. And I no longer hate you,” he informed her.

        A few hours later, Kat was no longer dying from time catching up with her with help from Sophie. She was still human, though. Also, Klaus let her and Elijah have their way and she was under the protection of the Originals. She even helped Hayley while she was pregnant and stayed out of the crossfire between the vampires, witches, and Originals.
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