Helpful Petrova Family

A/N: Based off from a dream I had.

        It was a dark night, as Katherine Pierce and her daughter, Nadia Petrova, arrived in New Orleans. Katherine had gotten a call from Hayley Marshall, a werewolf who was pregnant with Niklaus Mikaelson’s baby, that she was worried about what had happened to Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah. Luckily, they had already been on their way to New Orleans to ask Sophie Deveraux, an old friend of Katherine’s, for help. Kat was human due to the cure being shoved down her throat. Now she was ding faster than a normal human would be. Kat figured that Sophie might be able to stop the universe from making her age faster than normal. Besides, she didn’t want Hayley to see her like this. That’s why they were going to Sophie first.

        Once they got to the cemetery, Katherine called out to Sophie, not wanting to leave Nadia. Katherine would have to leave her when she entered the cemetery, since Nadia was a vampire and Katherine was not. The cemetery was sacred ground, filled with the witches’ ancestors’ bones, which made it sacred ground. That meant that vampires had to be invited in.

        “Sophie, it’s me. I need to talk to you.”

        A few minutes later, Sophie appeared and walked towards them.

        “Katherine. Long time no see. What happened to you?” she said, noticing Katherine’s appearance.

        “The cure for vampirism got shoved down my throat by my doppelganger. It’s killing me; making me age faster than I should be. I need your help. There has to be something you can do.”

        “I’ll see what I can do.”

        “First, I need you to invite my daughter, Nadia Petrova, in with us.”

        “Nice to meet you. Come in,” she invited her.

        Sophie walked back to the mausoleum, Kat and Nadia following her. She knew and trusted Katherine, which was why she hadn’t questioned Nadia.

        When they entered the mausoleum, Sophie went to a bookshelf to look through some old witch books to see what she could do for her.

        A few minutes later, she had done a spell that reversed the aging, keeping her the way she was supposed to look, but also giving her vampire abilities at Katherine’s request. It was New Orleans, so Katherine was well aware that being human made her vulnerable to anything and anyone supernatural. She needed something to help her, other than her daughter and allies.

        Afterward, Katherine and Nadia thanked Sophie, before leaving the cemetery and heading towards the compound to see Hayley.

        When they arrived, Hayley invited them in, though she didn’t know that Katherine was going to be bringing someone with her.

        Katherine saw her questioning look.

        “Hayley, meet my daughter, Nadia Petrova, back from 1490. Nadia, meet Hayley,” she introduced them.

        “I didn’t know you had a daughter,” Hayley said, looking at Katherine.

        “I do. I thought she was dead though, since I was never able to find her. I went back to Bulgaria in 1498, but couldn’t find her anywhere. So, I gave up looking and left Bulgaria to go be one step ahead of the enemy,” she summarized, as they all stood in an upstairs room. She then got down to the situation at hand. “So, what’s this about the Originals missing?”

        “They’re not answering their phones and it’s been a while since they’ve been here. They may be unpredictable, but they wouldn’t just leave me like this.”

        “I know,” Katherine agreed. “Don’t worry. We’ll find them. Nadia, I want you to stay here with Hayley. I’m going to see if I can find Elijah. If he’s not answering, he’s probably unable to at the moment.”

        “Be careful,” Hayley said. “Celeste is out there.”

        “I always am,” Katherine replied.

        They watched as she left the room to go find him, unaware of why Katherine would want to find Elijah first. They didn’t know the history behind those two.

        When Katherine found Elijah, Celeste was there. She realized that she had poisoned him with a kiss and was after all of them pretty much. That infuriated her, considering, even after he had left and broken up with her, she still loved him with all her heart. She would never wish anything upon him or his siblings, no matter what his siblings had done to her or would do to her.

        Kat walked towards them.

        “Leave him alone. You shouldn’t have the right to do what you’ve done. You can’t possibly expect Elijah to choose between which siblings to save. They’re family. I don’t care how much you want him to pay for always coming to Klaus’ rescue, but I learned a while back to put it behind you. Revenge never gives you satisfaction. You just keep hating that same person for what he’s done, even though it was a very long time ago. I’ve learned my lesson. You should, too.”

        “The famous Katherine Pierce comes to her lover’s rescue. How poetic and stupid of you. Especially, now that you’re human. Though, there is something else about you that I can’t place.”

        “That would be because of my heritage I recently learned about, and because of a spell I asked a certain witch to do for me. I recently learned that I’m descended from Travelers. I’ve even had a little family reunion of my own, which is why Hayley’s not alone. Unknown to anyone, other than myself, I had a daughter before I met the Originals, but she was taken away and I never saw her again until she finally found me recently. Now, I’m going to say this one more time. Leave Elijah and his family alone, which includes Hayley and that unborn child.”

        “You can’t stop me. I’m not afraid of you. Besides, I’ve already started it. Right now, as we speak, his siblings are in peril, and so is Hayley.”

        “But I can stop you. In due time, I will stop you. Maybe not tonight, but I will. I’ll find a way,” she assured Celeste, before channeling her anger towards the ancient witch, which through her magically, quite a ways away from Elijah, making her land against a wall.

        “I won’t be so nice next time we meet,” she warned her, before kneeling down by Elijah.

        “Katerina,” he greeted, unsure of what else to say after hearing about her being descended from Travelers, being recently human, and having a family reunion.

        “Let’s get out of here,” she said to him, helping him to his feet, heading towards the compound.

        When they arrived at the compound, they found that neither wolf nor vampiress were there.

        “Stay here. I’ll go find them,” she said, before leaving her love life of 500 years.

        When she found them, there were wolves inching towards them in the woods.

        She walked towards the werewolves.

        “I’d leave them alone if I were you. Unless, of course, you wanna end up with a smaller pack than you already have,” she confronted them, which made them stop, some of them knowing who she was and what would happen if they didn’t listen to her. “Now get lost.”

        She watched, as they fled, before going to them.

        “What are you doing in the woods?”

        “She thought it would be nice to try and help out in finding the Originals. Since you told me to stay with her, I figured I should go with her to make sure she doesn’t end up in danger,” Nadia informed her mother.

        Katherine noticed that they had succeeded, since Rebekah was there. It looked like she had been attacked by a pack of werewolves. Possibly the ones that she had just scared off.

        “We better get back to the compound. Elijah’s there. I was right. He needed some help with Celeste, so I magically kicked her ass.”

        Once they had gotten Rebekah home and in bed, Katherine went out again to go find Niklaus. Mostly known as Klaus. And as she walked, she started thinking of where Celeste would keep Klaus at, knowing New Orleans pretty well. Even after less than 100 years prior to visiting the French Quarter. Then she remembered something. There was a place that hadn’t been used in centuries. It was the 1918 Sanitarium hospital, where she knew Rebekah had helped out with the epidemic patients. That had to be where he was being kept, so she headed towards the place.

        When she soon arrived, she walked down the old hallways and looked into old, rundown rooms, looking for where he was being held at. And there, in a room, she saw Genevieve looking down at Klaus who looked like he was in torment, even though he looked weak to her.

        She walked in and at vamp speed, pinned her against a wall.

        “What did you do?” she questioned.

        “Nothing yet. I was about to get that knife out of him. Nice to see you too, Katherine.”

        “Not so much right now, Genevieve. You don’t know what day I’m having tonight, so you really don’t want to try me. I suggest that you leave this place and go straight home, or I will do something that you won’t like,” she threatened the witch, before letting go of her.

        Knowing Katherine was beyond peeved at whatever had happened tonight, she silently left her there with Klaus.

        Once she was gone, Katherine was instantly at Klaus’ side, where he lay on his back on a cement slab of some sort; almost like a table but without legs.

        “Katerina?” he questioned her.

        “Hayley called me, so I decided to help find the three of you. Now let’s get you home,” she said, before helping him to his feet, an arm around him just in case he needed her help getting home.

        The next day, the Originals were back to normal and home, so Kat and Nadia left to go back to Mystic Falls to help out with the Marcos and Travelers problem.
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