Former Lover To The Rescue (Kalijah)

        It was a dark night in New Orleans, as Elijah Mikaelson walked home from the bar after a couple drinks.

        Suddenly, on a desolate street, he smelled the familiar scent of human blood mixed with Katerina’s scent. So, he followed the scents to investigate.

        A few minutes later, a street over, he saw her seated against a wall of a building.

        He was instantly knelt in front of her. He then looked her over, assessing her condition. He could tell, even in the darkness, that she was pale from blood loss. When he heard a heartbeat, he realized that she was human again. She was out cold too with her head to the left. He rested a gentle hand on her forehead to find her skin luke cold. He listened to her heartbeat and breathing and realized that she was barely breathing and her heart was weak. He saw that her lower stomach was heavily bleeding as well as her right side and she had lost too much blood for his liking. There was also blood on either side of her hand.

        He gently pulled her into his arms and bit his wrist, putting it to her lips, making his blood go down her throat to save and heal her.

        A few minutes later, after her wounds healed, he took his wrist away, which instantly healed. He then got to his feet with her in his arms, and blurred home.

        When she woke up, she was alive and healed, as well as in Elijah’s bed in his room. So, in the end, she lived.
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