It Only Hurts If I Let It In (Kalijah)

        It was a dark night in New Orleans as Katherine Pierce fed from a human guy viciously in an alley. She had no care in the world. She’d turned it off. She didn’t feel anything anymore. It felt great to her.

        She felt someone watching her, but she kept feeding.

        Elijah Mikaelson watched the girl feed who he’d been tracking down. It wasn’t hard due to the bodies she left in her wake.

        He stepped out of the shadows.

        “I think you’ve had quite enough,” he said nicely, but with warning in his voice.

        The female kept feeding and growled at him, so he through her off him enough so he wouldn’t hurt her and then compelled the human to forget everything that had happened and the human then left.

        When Elijah turned to face the girl who was on her feet, he was met with surprise. He was surprised that it was Katerina. She’d always kept a low profile, so he figured that, for some reason, she’d turned it off recently. He knew something drastic had happened to her for her to turn it off. He had to do something. He needed; wanted to help her. He owed her that much.

        She glared at him, unhappy at him.

        He slowly walked towards her. He knew she could be unpredictable with her humanity on, but he’d never seen her like this. He didn’t know what to expect from her.

        “Katerina,” he greeted.

        “I don’t want your help, Elijah,” she growled darkly at him.

        “I know. I’m sorry. Whatever happened, I should’ve been there.”

        “You never had a daughter, so you wouldn’t understand,” she growled.

        She went to leave at vamp speed, but he was faster and pinned her to a wall. He wasn’t letting her go so easy.

        “Not so fast, Katerina.”

        With vamp reflexes, he snapped her neck and then caught her from hitting the ground and picked her up in his arms.

        “I’m so sorry, Katerina.”

        A moment later, he vanished, heading home.

        “Elijah, what’s going on?” Hayley asked, seeing him with Katherine in his arms.

        “She’s the reason for the bodies. I don’t know why, but she’s abandoned her humanity. I’m going to get her to turn it back on,” he replied to the newly made hybrid, as he passed her and headed upstairs to his room. Then, once in his room, he gently layed her down in his bed.

        A moment later, she started to come to.

        “Tell me what happened. Let me help you. Just let me in. Just feel something; anything,” he said, before she could say anything.

        “Leave me alone,” she growled, this time snarling, almost vamping out at him.

        “I’m not leaving. Not again. I left you and found you like this. You’re my responsibility. I need you, Katerina.”

        “Get the hell away from me,” she growled. “You can’t force me to do anything.”

        “Maybe not with this approach, but maybe with another approach. I never wanted to hurt you. I’m sorry.”

        She growled at him.

        “You left. You didn’t care. Why now? You left me to die. I died in torment because of Damon and I never saw Nadia afterward. You didn’t even care to say goodbye. I waited for you to show up any minute and you never did. Then it was too late. Luckily, I found a way to turn back into a vampire, but Nadia’s death was too much for me. She was the only one in this world that didn’t second guess my intentions or hate me or despise me. For once I was loved unconditionally. I hope you’re happy with yourself,” she summarized in a growl.

        “Believe me when I tell you I didn’t know. Forgive me.”

        “Really? Because your brother sure knew. The only thing that kept him from watching me die was Caroline.”

        “I’m really sorry, Katerina.”

        He chained her to a wooden chair and had Hayley watch her, while he went to confront Klaus.

        Katherine glared at the new hybrid with dark eyes and growled, but Hayley ignored her actions.

        Klaus was painting in his room, when Elijah found him. Though he was angry, he kept it in.

        Elijah leaned against the door frame.

        “I’d like to know why you didn’t tell me about Katerina. You know how much I care about her.”

        “Because she would’ve distracted you from helping me get this city back to being ours. Besides, she was only human. I gather someone from Mystic Falls told you?”

        “Actually, Katerina did. She’s a vampire now and she’s turned it off. She’s responsible for the bodies. She needs help and I intend to do just that. But please. Do carry on.”

        With that, Elijah left Klaus’ room and headed back to his.

        Hayley and Elijah met in the hall.

        “I have an idea,” he told her. “You both lost a daughter. Not in the same way, but you can relate. Maybe you can get her to turn it back on.”

        “Are you sure it’ll work?” Hayley questioned.

        “A mother’s love is always the strongest,” he replied.

        “I’ll try,” Hayley said, before going into his room and sitting on the foot of Elijah’s bed, looking at Katherine, thinking of where to start. Elijah was right. This was good for them both. A mother’s love was the strongest.

        “I may not know what happened to your daughter, but I lost my daughter too. You’re not alone. She was pretty much torn from my arms,” Hayley began.

        This struck home with Katherine, remembering in 1490, when Nadia had been torn from her arms by her father. Losing Nadia for the second and final time had shattered her completely.

        After six months of not feeling anything, Katherine began to feel something. She didn’t even growl or glare at Hayley anymore. She just looked at her, feeling something familiar. Sorrow.

        “You’re not alone either. What happened?” Katherine replied.

        Hayley explained to her how the witches, apart from Davina, had tried to kill Hope, and that she had to send Hope away to Rebekah, because of the danger in New Orleans.

        “I’m sorry for your loss.”

        “Thanks. What happened to yours?” Hayley replied.

        Kat told her of Nadia. How she’d been torn from her arms in 1490. How she’d died in Mystic Falls because of Tyler and because of Klaus.

        “I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

        Hayley, hearing Katherine’s story, felt sorry for her. She knew what it was like to lose your daughter once, and it was unbearable for her. She couldn’t imagine losing her daughter twice.

        Elijah listened to them from where he was leaning against the door frame.

        Hayley got a call on her phone, so she left.

        Elijah walked in, closing the door behind himself, and went up to her, unchaining her from the chair.

        After six months, she actually felt the pain of losing Nadia. And as she let her humanity back in and sobbed for the loss of Nadia, Elijah was there for her. He knew that she needed him now more than ever.

        She wrapped her arms around his neck and cried into his shoulder.

        That night, after she had finished as they’d layed on his bed beside each other, and after she’d told him everything, she didn’t push him away, which meant that she had let him in again. That gave him hope that she could be saved from herself and that she trusted him, even after he’d left her.
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