OK GO albums

If you do know who OK GO are, then you're a legend. If not, look them up after after reading this. I've been looking for an album from their band. I hadn't found one until today. I was in the rock part of the cd area at the used video game store. I was browsing through the o section until I saw an album. It said Oh No so I turned on my iPod touch to see what the name of the OK GO album I was listening to is called. It was Oh No so I looked for more albums from OK GO. I saw that there was also the album OK GO and Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky. Those are the 1st and 3rd albums. I couldn't find the 4th album which is Hungry Ghosts so I need to ask my parents to get it online or look for it at a store. I put a picture here for proof. Let me know if you knew about OK GO before this blog and before I put them on my MySpace music. Bye!
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0 | Apr 5th 2021 10:33