I'm back

Hi guys! So I forgot this website existed like 1 year ago. I know how shocking this must be for all of you to hear but it's true. Anyways, MySpace93 shut down and DameDaNeSpace is blocked on my school computer so there's nothing for me to do. I started some tiktok vlogs where I record for a bit and then I save my progress in the drafts. I don't know why but I feel like this is the point where my life is turning around. My new videos get a lot of views and I even agreed to publicly be friends with the friends of my old friend because fear can only do so much to protect you before you have to face it. Basically, by not hiding that I'm friends with these people, I'm letting my old friend know that I don't care about what he thinks of me due to our bad friendship that is broken for what I assume to be forever. I will talk more about my old friend in another blog but that's it for now. I also feel pressured by my own family to be in all these clubs at my school. They recently started National Honors Society at my school this year and knowing my mom, she'll probably try and get me to join because in middle school, I was chosen to be in the Junior National Honors Society but I never joined because covid showed up and everyone forgot about the club so I never brought it up again. Anyways, down below, I left the thumbnail from my latest video. Here are the statistics:

How to look like a celebrity # celebrity # fakingit # fakecelebrity

Mercedes Powers



Oct 1 2022
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