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My Blog

Whomever is reading this, this blog is just going to be simply about how my everyday struggle of being a girl who likes her best friend, for about 10 years now..
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1 | 2 Comments | by Unidentified | May 27th 2014 02:28

Get to know me

Submit a comment on my page asking me about anything? I will post the answer on my blog. Make it a good one!
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1 | 0 Comments | by Krissy | May 21st 2014 03:23

Swing Set

Intoxicate the mind with this, love that won't last. Just reminds the time. Of knocking on doors. Kicking out the windscreen again letting the flies in. Pest that bother keep distracted the nature pursued. knowing it will be with truth. try not to let the past evolve the future. The times of weariness gets comfortable when fed. Find a simple back drop confuse the mind with it. Making it symbolic is philosophic. Already done. Without the image trace the brain to see if it will fit like another hard drive. It will be needed.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Joshizzleforizzle | May 20th 2014 18:55

Where have YOU been?!

Honestly, this year has been a whirlwind of events since it began. I started falling away from everything in October. Let's see, in January I met the man of my dreams. I've never been treated so well by a man. His name is Chris. I'm gonna try to get him to make an account on here. At work, I've been moving up non stop. Working to become a manager and doing education with it. There's surprisingly a lot I still have yet to learn. I miss you all terribly. I'm trying hard to get my GED and my room under control. I'm a pack rat and going through all kinds of stuff to try to sell and get rid of it... I'll probably put some of it on here! Life is terribly busy, I never have time for the Internet anymore and I honestly don't know how to manage a schedule for you all. Makes me sad though. I'm also not healthy, I plan on joining a gym.. I've gained a lot of weight and have not been taking vitamins and eating as many fruits and vegetables. Haha, I've also broken out in acne. It's crazyyyy! I still win online contests all the time. :3 But I don't even really have time for that anymore! I love you all so much, you have no idea. And I definitely haven't forgotten about you. I'm just always doing something now. I sleep a lot more than I used to. I'm exhausted all the time. My boyfriend leaves for AIT during this entire summer. As some of you know, he's in the Army and I've been with him for almost 4 months now. I'm happy, just stressed! I've had drama at work in the past. One of my managers is crazy in the literal sense, and I don't generally talk about people, but she is so rude, and I had a coworker that was rude to me because she asked me out and I turned her down (I'm straight, I told her we could be friends) and shortly after that she tried to make my life a living Hell. :( So life has had its ups and downs! I'm gonna try to make a blog at least once a day and keep you all updated if not anything else! I love you so much and I gotta go for now, thank you so much for reading!!
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3 | 1 Comment | by heaven_humble | May 18th 2014 16:43

Emmure Eternal Enemies

So.... deciding to blog about Emmure's sixth studio album.... Eternal Enemies.

I had just recently bought it and it sounds amazing.... I like all the songs on it but the ones I really like are Untitled, Nemesis, N.I.A. (News In Arizona), A Gift,A Curse and E. I also like Most Hated and the last song which is called We Were Just Kids
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0 | 0 Comments | by JulianRathusLunaHell | May 18th 2014 15:36

Television shows (edited)

Well... Sadly all the good television shows that I watch during the fall, winter, and spring.... are now finished for the year. Said shows are

The Originals with an amazing end to their first season and might I add a great way to wrap it up.... So glad they're having a second season. I will definitely be buying this one on dvd

Arrow with an amazing second season and not to mention an amazing finale to that said season... I cannot wait until the Third season of Arrow... Let alone until the second season is released on Dvd.

The Vampire Diaries with their fifth season.... Not much good I can say about the season in general considering we've all got different views on the show... There were some parts of the season five storyline in which I didn't really like all too much... But I must say..... They did a fantastic job with the finale.... Sooooo finally glad that Alaric is back.

Supernatural.... Welll finally the season finale of season 9 had already ended..... I know it's been at least a week or almost two weeks since it has ended.... But I must say.... wow.... It was magnificent... Interesting to see how Season 10 will be

With the first season of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I would have to say that they did a pretty good job.... I enjoyed the finale... Looking forward to the second season AND the spin off show coming in the fall of 2014 entitled Marvel's Agent Carter.

With the first season of Ravenswood.... The spinoff show to The Pretty Little Liars... (Which in all truth and honesty... I do not watch Pretty Little Liars.... I've tried but can't get into it... ) I would have to say I enjoyed the first season and the finale even though there had only been 10 episodes in total .... Sadly they had cancelled the show but things happen....

Another show that had begun this past year was The Tomorrow People.... I think they did a good job for it being a remake..... But sadly they cancelled it as well... I thought the finale was pretty good.

Sleepy Hollow even though it has 13 episodes for the first season it was amazing I enjoyed it.... It's good to say that I will definitely be looking forward to watching the second season.

There are more shows but.... I don't wanna continue babbling
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1 | 0 Comments | by JulianRathusLunaHell | May 18th 2014 06:36


How do u tell someone how u feel if u feel they don't feel the same way. Have u ever been a catfish or catfish online. I will say that have and I had to try really hard to get my message to to the cat fisher who liked me but I didn't like him the same way. What did u say to get your message a crossed? I had to message him and be strong and make the point be heard. Do u have a good friend who tried to show the cat fisher what happens when u meet someone u don't know for real? I do and I couldn't begin to thank her her name is Alisha and she has my back and is always there for me when I need her.
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0 | 1 Comment | by wintersamcro | May 16th 2014 21:52

Old Home

Come slip pass the darkness you know its hiding light. You thought it exposed your secret passion. That comes only during night. The winter is so lonely my tiredness is wearing me thin. Stare the complexity in my eyes how i was made how i was designed i wish i could be so simple and believe in the simple things. Its just so hard for me. Please believe me. I wrote you these letters i never sent my key is in them they still lay under my carpet. Please forget me i know what i do to upset you i know you pray for better weather. I just hate the disappointment in your eyes. In my head im in cloudy weather trap and tangled together to have voice is the only way out. But i left that underneath the carpet at the old house.
Maybe someday they will find it read it out loud and we'll finally be out of this cloud. A suicide sounds so perfect but I'm not sure if I can take that route I have to many people I care deeply about. I want to show them not have it be something they read about
Im caught in the wind in a spiral im in the ocean swimming and drowning from ocean to ocean. The cliffs the ledges arent high enough for me to have time to ask for his forgiveness. Winter such perfect weather this scorching heat makes me so tender and beats me down and brings me down all because of what ive seen happen and heard in a old house
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0 | 1 Comment | by Joshizzleforizzle | May 16th 2014 00:50


I'm somewhat of an anime nerd. I've watched a bunch of shows on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Funimation.

My two biggest fandoms right now are for Black Butler and Attack on Titan. I have a decent Bardroy blog on Tumblr and a Hanjii one that I just started. My current pic (if it's the black and white one) is me trying to imitate Hanji's look. I want to cosplay one of these days!
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0 | 0 Comments | by megan | May 14th 2014 02:11


i wonder if the world is ONLY against me. I wonder, am i the cartoon that gets to walk around with a storm cloud constantly over my head? The second something gets good, its already bad again. When i find someone i feel i can trust, they never cease to proove me wrong. I hate to bitch, Why me?

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0 | 0 Comments | by killyourTV | May 13th 2014 18:15


I miss this kind of stuff! I used to keep a regular blog on myspace. Perhaps I'll do the same on here.
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0 | 0 Comments | by megan | May 13th 2014 16:23

World's Toughest Job

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3 | 0 Comments | by SocialCrave | May 11th 2014 02:03

First Day Here ^^

Her Whisper Is the Lucifer~~~

Kekekek Oh man this place it exciting I hope I meet awesome people.

Social crave jjang!~

Annyeong ^^
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1 | 0 Comments | by kpopxsegye | May 10th 2014 18:07

today is good day

have you ever had a good day where you just woke up in the morning and it's a beautiful day to go outside and go do something for yourself will that the day for me I do know what I'm going to do for myself yet for my blog today message is go do something for yourself no matter what it is but make it something good that for yourself on this beautiful day
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0 | 0 Comments | by jsthesinger12 | May 9th 2014 13:30

True love

Its nice to know that after all the pain and heartache i have been thru all my life that i have finally found somene who trully loves me inside and out who dosnt care how i look in my weight or how i wear my clothes he says he loves me eather way he treats me like his queen and he is my king who has the key to my heart. The way he looks at me makes my heart beat like a song and even when he's not beside me i still hear his voice and feel his gental touch and tender kisses one day i asked him babe do u miss me when your away from me? he told me how can you miss someone when they are always in your heart :) now i know i really have true love.
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0 | 0 Comments | by JennyJ | May 9th 2014 11:56