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What is this?!

Someone wants to hang out with me today??? What is this?! Idk what to doooo. I'm nervous, but I said yes... Why Michelle? xD
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0 | 0 Comments | by BlackClover | Feb 24th 2018 01:28

Daniel Ericson

Name: Daniel Ericson
Age: 16-28 (depends on rp)
Weight: unknown
Height: 5'7
Likes: drawing, dogs, wolves, starry nights
Dislikes: cats, bright lights, Bullies
Bio: Daniel Ericson is sometimes a shy boy but when u piss him off, u will regret it forever. He was born into a decently rich family but doesn't like that most people try to be his friend because he has money. He and his parents lived in a nice neighborhood until one day his parents were killed in a car crash which left Daniel to take care of himself plus take on some self defense classes. He also has a secret.
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0 | 1 Comment | by Demented-angel | Feb 6th 2018 22:20

OOf I'm nEW

Hello everyone! My name is Nathan! I am 20 years old and I love roleplaying, reading, music and video gamessss.
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0 | 0 Comments | by NervousNoodle | Jan 30th 2018 22:55


I go to a public school, I'm in band, I make decent grades, and I have a small group of friends.

I like Star Wars, Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes, Marvel movies, Lord of the Rings, and more.

I am pretty shy but willing to reach out. I don't actually have any friends at all that can relate with me when it comes to my faith.

I'm not afraid to argue or debate, but I'm not gonna get mad or be rude about it.

I'm not comfortable talking to people who cuss about twice in every sentence, people who hate everyone and everything, and people who like dark humor. Negativity isn't fun.

I love to learn, read, and write. Especially if it has to do with history or theology. I'm not actually very book smart, which is why I love trying to learn.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Cecilia | Jan 25th 2018 20:41

Sometimes, you never know until it's to late.

It has been a while since, I was with someone special. I kinda forgot how it feels to kiss and hold someone special in life, I feel as if I might not remember what it feels to be loved again. I know I done wrong in my past, and i regret the actions and decisions I made in life. At times, I wonder if there is something in life I was able to do to change the actions that hurt so many. When I was younger I hurt all that ever cared, and loved me. I and burned all the bridges that I crossed. After a while I learned and regret how my life was, and became more with god and trying to make changes through time. Changes are never easy or comes over night, it is something we all must learn to live with. To forgive our own thoughts and actions, is part of it. Even though it's also good to ask for someone to forgive you. You must be able to understand, and admit to the decisions that lead to the life that you ended up with. I am lonely and feeling as if I may never find, someone to care for and love. What hurts me the most, is I see now that I might end up alone. That is why we all must learn and open our eyes, before it's to late. Because once it is, to late. That is when you start to notice, that you might never know the feeling of having someone special in life. That is when you forget the feeling of feeling, someone special holding you and kissing you and all the great things to come. If you don't believe me than, why have I forgotten what love and caring feels like? Why do I feel this pain, where someone special should be? I know because it happen to me.
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0 | 0 Comments | by mescareno82 | Jan 15th 2018 13:18