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Memories 2

You were the girlfriend of my best friend
I remember meeting you
You seemed happy
You made him happy
Then I got the news
You were dead
You had ended your life
I never found out how you did it
But your death cost me my friendship
You broke his heart
And mine
You left me blaming myself
I still do
All because of your death
Funny, welcome to Jocelyn Flores
X felt the same way
But I just gotta know
Why did you do it?
Not like I can get an answer
I guess this will just be painful memories
Shrouded in pitch darkness
Just like the darkness that covered me when I was told the news
But these memories will just keep killing me
Even though I know it’s not my fault
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0 | 1 Comment | by opzombie93 | Apr 9th 2018 10:23


(True story)
I hear voices
They try telling me what to do
They sound so controlling
I hate being alone because they get loud
The louder they are
The crazier I feel
But I am crazy
I have delusions
I see things nobody else can
They show me things
But I hate seeing them
I think it’s called
But it’s all proof I am crazy
I believe people are out to get me
I fear the government is in control of our minds
It’s average paranoia
But it drives me crazy
It’s something I need to accept
It’s something I try to understand
But sometimes I try to stay lucid
But I tell myself to accept it
I’m crazy
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1 | 0 Comments | by opzombie93 | Apr 5th 2018 15:22

SOciAL mEdiA aNd RuLEs

•Ask for social media!
°I'll give you my social media if I trust you

•don't be creepy, I'll block you faster than lighting speed
•respect and understand if I don't want to do something
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1 | 0 Comments | by Kimchi | Mar 11th 2018 23:46

o shet dawg

Ok so I thought that last blog post would condense to be smaller. Oh well. now you get a wall of text. Toodles~!
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0 | 0 Comments | by LissFailsLife | Mar 3rd 2018 11:28

Holidays With You (a Karmagisa Fanfic)

Part 1:

It was a snowy night. Everyone stayed warm for the upcoming holidays. Nagisa, as a teacher spends his days alone in his apartment. This was going to be another lonely holiday. Since his mom long gone and there is no sign of his dad, he had no one to celebrate with. As the snow continues to fall, he sits at his desk and grades papers. Holiday break has just begun. There wasn't really anything to do that involves his work. Within only two hours, all of his schoolwork is complete. Nagisa leaves his desk and goes straight to bed; it's been a long day. As he continues to think of work and the holiday, he doses off to sleep.

(A/N Karma and Nagisa weren't classmates in this story. I'm also changing Karma's occupation because of spelling problems. :P)

Part 1.5:

Karma was a local actor. He was well known around the community trying to make it big. Because of slow businesses and trouble finding roles, he works at a Starbucks. It just recently opened and they were hiring. He thought to himself, how hard could this possibly be?

After a long shift, he drives home through the snow. Being the independent gentleman he is, Karma also lives alone. His apartment is small but it helps him get by. Once he gets home, he lays down on the couch for a nap. He ends up sleeping there for the night. By morning, he is sore and has cramps everywhere.

"Man, I shouldn't have fallen asleep on the couch"

After spending about ten minutes getting ready, Karma goes to Starbucks for another shift.

Part 2:

After making plans with his childhood friend a few days ago, Nagisa gets ready to go meet her. He quickly gets dressed and eats breakfast. The next train was coming in two minutes. After running through the train station, he finally boards it. It was about 9:00 am when the train departed. His friend might already be there.

~Timeskip to the end of the train ride~

Nagisa runs into the mall where he was supposed to meet his friend. He looks around for her. There she was, sitting by the fountain.

"Hey, Kaede! Long time no see!" He shouts. Everyone in the surrounding area stares at him. Kaede giggles and motions him to sit down. They catch up after haven't seen each other in years. After a while (and moving locations countless times), they decide to get a snack.

"I heard that a new Starbucks just opened up down the street. We should go check it out" Kaede says with a smile. To Nagisa, getting a coffee didn't seem like a bad idea.

"That's a great idea, but let's not walk. I know it's close, but it's below freezing out there," Nagisa cautions. Kaede nods in agreement and they look for a bus schedule. After about 15 minutes, they arrive at the new coffee shop.

Part 2.5:

From the back, Karma hears the front bell ring. He comes out from the back to see two people walk in.

"Welcome!" he says as the two walk in. They wave and head toward the counter. Kaede glances at the menu for a split second before saying she's ready to order. Karma notices that the other person was quite short and a feminine appearance. They finally speak up.

"I'll get the peppermint mocha," he says. Kaede nudges him. "I've had that before, it's really good. You might like it" she whispers. After a few minutes, the drinks are ready. The two have a seat. After realizing that Karma was the only person working the cafe that day, they invite him to sit with them. Business was slow due to other competitive cafes and the holidays. They all have a nice chat. Kaede and Nagisa end up getting Karma's phone number. They planned to start a group chat later (but that never happened). After spending an hour of chatting and getting to know each other, it started to get late. Earlier that day Nagisa checked the weather forecast and knew it was supposed to get colder later on. With that, they all leave the coffee shop and part ways.

Karma watches as the two leave his sight. He goes back in to close up the shop for the night. He knew that no one would come at that hour. He sighs. Christmas is coming once again. Maybe they would want to get together and have some drinks, or something. Karma isn't trying to be desperate for plans, but rather, trying to make friends. It's not as easy as it seems. With that thought in mind, he locks the doors behind him.

Part 3:

Christmas was coming right around the corner. Nagisa nor karma had anyone to spend the holidays with. Kaede was out of town for the next few days shooting a new film. Everything was quiet in (insert town name). Everyone was doing some last minute shopping. They only had two days. Nagisa sat at his desk once again, staring out into the snowy distance. It's always snowing!

Meanwhile, Karma sits at home. His boss was kind enough to give him the rest of the week off for his *hard* work. He was glad to be off, although he had nothing to do. He decides to call up Nagisa (because he lonely af and doesn't have any other contacts).


"Hey. It's me, Karma. Y'know, from Starbucks?"

"I remember you! How are you?"

"Okay, I guess. Anyway, I have something I need to ask you."


"Would you want to have dinner at my place this Christmas?"

"What?" Nagisa asks confused.

"I don't know if you had any other plans. If you did that's fine-"

"I'd love to! I didn't have anything to do anyway,"

"Cool! I live (insert address here)."

"Great! See you then!" The two hang up, both blushing.

Part 3.5:

Christmas morning has come. Nagisa was sitting alone, waiting to go over to Karma's. Meanwhile, Karma was cleaning his house. He doesn't get many visitors since he became an actor (not being home during shoots/ working at Starbucks as well). They were both very excited. What should I make for dinner? Karma asks himself. Oh, I know! Chicken and Rice! Karma realizes the doesn't have either food; not to mention side dishes.

It was only noon and Nagisa was coming at 4:30. Just enough time to run to the store and get what he needed.

~Insert epic montage of Karma at the store getting food~

(Chicken breasts, rice, soup, cranberry, dinner rolls, and pears)

~Timeskip back to his apartment~

"I finally got everything with an hour to spare" he sighs. He prepares his oven and puts the turkey breasts in.

~In a nutshell, the chicken takes forever to bake and cover in soup and he doesn't finish before 4:30. This a time skip to when Nagisa comes.~

Part 4:

Nagisa rings the doorbell. He hears someone scrambling to the door. Suddenly, the door swings open. Their eyes meet as they both say 'Merry Christmas'. To Nagisa's surprise, Karma had a decent sized apartment (considering that he lives alone).

"Sorry I didn't have dinner ready. I didn't realize you'd be so punctual," Karma says, nervous.

"It's fine. I should have told you I was on my way," Nagisa replies.

They both smile. Karma leads Nagisa into the kitchen. He finishes dinner up and sets it on the table. Dinner was silent. Finally, Nagisa speaks up.

"Do you have any movies?" He asks.

"Hmm? Movies? I'll check."

~They both go into the living room and search under the TV~

"Is this okay?" Karma asks.

"Seriously? This one? *sigh* Fine,"

Karma smirks (UUUGUGHGHGHHGHG I dislike that word with a passion) and pops the disk in. [A/N I'll leave the movie title to your imagination ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]. They sit on the couch and watch the movie as the snow lightly falls. Nagisa points to the window.

"Look! It's snowing!" Nagisa smiles; just like a kid. As he turns around, he is surprised by a kiss.

"Merry Christmas Nagisa."

(Hello humans [and potential bots]! I wanted to get a blog post up so I decided to take my only finished fanfic from Wattpad. I don't really take writing seriously in the sense that my plots are pretty shallow. Anywho, those who actually are curious can just send a message if you want my Wattpad [no promises on any good content though...]. With that, I bid you farewell for now.)
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