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Bloodletting (3rd revised version)

        It was a beautiful day in New Orleans, as Katherine Pierce walked around in the Bayou in search of Hayley. She wanted to see for herself if it was true. She had heard that a wolf matching Hayley’s description was pregnant with Klaus’ kid that the wolves were calling a “miracle baby.”

        Suddenly, she heard commotion from within a cabin. So, very silently, she decided to look in a window to see what was going on. And when she did, she saw Tyler and a male vampire. They were standing in the middle of the room, Hayley sitting on the floor, back against a wall. She then saw Tyler take some of her blood and inject it into the vampire, which turned him into a hybrid. Then Tyler had him drink from Hayley, but had to try and stop him from killing her. He was losing, though. He got thrown pretty hard, which knocked him out. Then the hybrid continued to feed on her.

        Kat, knowing she couldn’t let her die, rushed in, closing the door behind herself, and through a vial of vervain on his face. It stopped him from killing her, since it burned him.

        He growled in pain, as she knelt beside Hayley.

        “Hayley, It’s Katherine. Can you hear me?” she gently called to her, gentle hands on either side of her face.

        Hayley groaned, which relieved her.

        Kat gently layed her down and, knowing she needed blood, grabbed the knife on the floor and cut her wrist, before putting it to Hayley’s lips.


        As she felt Hayley drink, she looked at Tyler whom was watching her.

        “My apologies for spoiling your plan, whatever it was, but I just saved her life,” she said to him.

        Knowing the hybrid would try again, Tyler did the only he could do. He grabbed a piece of wood and shoved it through the hybrid’s heart, killing him. Then he looked at Katherine.

        “What are you doing here in the first place?”

        “I wanted to see for myself it was true. Apparently, it is.”

        Kat looked down at Hayley and took her wrist away.

        “Someone should get her home.”

        “I’ll do that,” Tyler volunteered.

        Kat watched Tyler, as he took her home.

        A moment later, she realized that she hadn’t been paying attention to where she had cut her wrist, or how much Hayley had taken, when she felt her back on the floor. Then everything started to go gray. She just hoped Tyler would be coming back. But that wasn’t the last thing she thought of. The last thing she thought of was Elijah, before everything went black.

        When he returned to the cabin that night, the smell hit his senses immediately. He recognized it before he even opened the door. It was blood. Still getting her scent, he realized that she hadn’t left yet. That made him wonder why.

        As soon as he opened the door, he saw her out cold on the floor on her back, pale, wrist still bleeding from where he had seen her cut it to save Hayley’s life, head to the right.

        At hybrid speed, he was instantly at her side.

        “Katherine, hang on,” he said before biting his wrist and putting it to her lips, making his blood go down her throat to heal her. Even after everything she had done, he knew she didn’t deserve to die. Not like this; human and from blood loss.

        He took his wrist away, realizing that it wasn’t working.

        He looked around for something that would help and saw the syringe that still had some of Klaus’ child’s blood. So, hoping to save her life, he grabbed it and gave the human the last of her blood.

        A moment later, he saw it working its charm. The child’s blood was healing her.

        When Kat came to, she was in the cabin on the bed, her wrist healed. She figured it had been Tyler, but she was alone. Also, she still felt weak. It felt like she was getting better, though. And then, seeing the empty syringe on the end table, she realized why she was feeling better and was healed. He had given her the last of the child’s blood, which had saved her life.

        She smiled, glad to be alive.
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Bloodletting (2nd revised version)

        It was a beautiful day in New Orleans in the Bayou, as Klaus stood with his hand in Tyler’s chest, Tyler up against a tree.

        When he smelled her familiar scent, he greeted her without looking at her, saying, “How pleasant of you to join us. What brings you to my town? What do you want?”

        Katherine stood a distance away, as she replied to the Original werewolf-vampire hybrid, saying, “I came for protection, since Silas wants me dead. I’m human now. Elena wasted the cure on me when I tried to kill her, since I was mad at Bonnie for not handing the cure over to me. Now I’m dying of old age. Time is catching up with me. You obviously won’t protect me, so I was looking for Elijah. Then I heard you two.”

        “I’d love to help you, but I have a hybrid getting between me and my unborn child. He has complicated things and must be taken out.”

        “I see your point, Klaus, but I wouldn’t do that. Think about this. What would Caroline think of you? The only reason he broke up with her was to get back at you for killing his mother. Please, Klaus, Don’t make more enemies than you need to, because I know that Caroline will hate you forever if you kill Tyler. I can call her up even if you want me to. We’re becoming quite the allies. After all, I helped her make everyone think that Elena’s not a vampire.”

        Klaus gave a low growl, but took his hand out of Tyler’s chest, letting Katerina have her way for the moment. He then stepped back and watched her walk up to the hybrid.

        She looked at Tyler and he looked at her, as she spoke to him, not at all afraid of what he might do to her.

        “Tell Marcel nothing and then go back home to Mystic Falls and stay there. Even if it costs you your life, help them defeat Silas and go back to Caroline. Right now, she needs someone there for her. Elena had to kill Jesse to save Damon’s life. She cared about him and he’s dead, Tyler. Now go.”

        She walked a distance away.

        Knowing she was right, Tyler left to do as she told him to do.

        Klaus looked at Katerina as did she with him.

        “You’re being brave. You know what I can do, yet here you are,” he commented to her.

        “I’m dying,” she reminded him.

        “Yes. So, you said.”

        He started to walk towards her.

        “Where’s Elijah?” she asked him.

        “I’m mad at him and the wolf carrying my child, so I bit him for punishment. Rebekah’s not happy with me.”

        “Well, at least you’re not going to let him die. He’s your brother, after all. Without him, I don’t know what anyone would do.”

        Suddenly, everything went dim for her and she felt something like ground under her.

        The Original hybrid ran towards her, as she collapsed to the ground on her back.

        Once at her side on her left on the ground, he rested a gentle hand on the left side of her face. He then looked down at her to assess her condition.

        Seeing how pale she was and a few bleeding wounds, he bit his wrist.

        “The cure won’t let me keep vampire blood down. Ask Caroline. She tried to help me when my hand wouldn’t stop bleeding,” she whispered, as everything started to go black.

        Her skin paled some more, as he contemplated on what to do, knowing she was slowly dying from both blood loss and what the cure had done to her.

        She closed her eyes, feeling very weak and tired.

        “Fight it, Katerina,” was the last thing she heard, before everything went black for her.

        He took his hand away from her face and gently pulled her into his arms, before getting to his feet and racing towards home to try and save her life.

        Once in a bedroom, he gently layed her down in a bed.

        When Hayley was heading towards her room, she stopped, seeing Klaus and one of the doppelgangers.

        Hayley Marshall walked in and stood at the entrance.

        “Klaus, what’s going on?” she asked him.

        “Katerina is dying and hurt, but she can’t be healed. The cure made her human and she got hurt sometime down the road. Because the cure made her human, vampire blood won’t help. Her body just rejects it.”

        He turned around to face her, before getting a vial, biting his wrist, and making his blood drip into the vial.

        A few minutes later, he put the cap on and his wrist instantly healed. He then came to stand in front of her.

        “Take this to Elijah. It’ll cure him from my bite. He’ll want to be here for Katerina. He can’t be here for her if he’s dying. In the meantime, I’ll be out finding someone that can help her. She deserves a second chance just as I have been given.”

        Hayley took it and then left without a word, knowing what he meant by Elijah wanting to be there for Katherine. He was hinting that Elijah was in love with Katherine.

        Klaus went to stand at her bedside. He then looked down at her, before lightly trailing his fingers down the left side of her face. The way he acted towards her now, made it look like he cared about her.

        “Stay with us, Katerina. Elijah is coming. Don’t worry. We’ll find a way. I won’t let anything happen to you,” he promised her, though he didn’t know if she could hear him or not.

        In the end, she lived after Davina did a spell to save her life and help her, and Kat was no longer dying of old age. So, everybody lived as happily ever after as they could, with Kat and Elijah getting back together. After all, they all had enemies.
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Bloodletting (1st revised version)

A/N: Got Elijah dying from the bite from the preview for the next episode.

        It was a beautiful day in New Orleans, as Elijah and Hayley stood in the woods not far from a cabin, with a mad Klaus.

        Suddenly, Klaus grabbed his elder brother and bit him, before throwing him to the ground.

        “Consider that my parting gift to you two. Enjoy your life together. At least, before the hallucinations start.”

        Elijah got to his feet and they watched him leave.

        “We should stay here until he cools off. He'll come around. He always does,” Elijah said to Hayley.

        “You think he'll come back after he does?” Hayley questioned him.

        “He's my brother. He wouldn't let me die,” he said.

        Meanwhile, Klaus and Rebekah were at home, Rebekah seated on the couch, Klaus seated on the coffee table in front of her. He had just informed her of where Hayley and Elijah were, what he had done to Elijah, and that she was going to help him plot against Marcel because they're family.

        “So, what secrets has Marcel spilled to you?” he asked her.

        “That he's in love with me still and would love to make a life with me,” she said truthfully.

        “Love. What a strong emotion. You and I can use that against him.”

        “Let's make a deal. I'll help you plot against Marcel, if you let Hayley and Elijah come home.”

        “You're really going to be like that, Little Sister?”

        “How would you like me to be? You bit Elijah over whatever it is that you won't say.”

        Klaus got up and went to stand by his drinking place not far from the doorway.

        Back at the cabin in the woods in the Bayou, Elijah was on his back on the bed, Hayley seated on his bedside, wetting his face down with a cool, wet washcloth.

        “You should go,” Elijah said.

        “I'm not leaving,” she replied to him.

        As he layed there, he wished his brother to get over being mad at him already and come to his rescue. But then again, he was an Original They didn't think a werewolf bite would effect or kill an Original vampire.

        Rebekah was walking her frustration off, when her phone went off.


        “Actually, it's both of us,” Hayley replied.

        “Where are you, Rebekah?” he asked her.

        “Walking. You sound terrible. Where are you?”

        “We're still at the Bayou in a cabin. He bit me. I didn't think the bite could effect or kill me, since I'm an Original, but I was wrong. You have to make Klaus see what he has done before it's too late.”

        “I will. Hang on, Elijah.”

        She hung up and sped towards home and into the living room.

        “What seems to be the rush, sister?” he asked her.

        She through a sharp knife at him.

        He caught it with a hand, before it could stab him anywhere.

        “Is that all you can say!? Elijah is dying because of you!” she yelled.

        “He's just saying that to get you on their side. Originals can't die from a werewolf bite. Even if they could, they started it. He deserves a couple days of discomfort.”

        “What are you? A child? Do you hear yourself? You would seriously let Elijah die because of some feud? I don't care who started what. Fix it before he dies! If he dies, you will not be my family and I will leave forever!” she said in rage, before storming out.

        Klaus grabbed an empty shot glass and through it at a nearby wall in anger and frustration He knew she was right. He would lose what he had left of blood related family if he let Elijah die. It wasn't Elijah's fault he believed what Hayley believed. As he and Rebekah both knew, Elijah always had a thing for a pretty face, and that's what Hayley was.

        An hour later, Hayley looked up to see Klaus walk in.

        Klaus closed the door behind himself and walked over to the bed, as Hayley got to her feet and went to stand by the window. He then sat on his elder brother's bedside and bit his wrist, before putting it to his lips, making his blood go down his throat to cure him. He just hoped he wasn't too late. He was out cold and his skin was starting to look cracked-looking. He wasn't far from death. At this point, Klaus knew he had gone too far with his anger this time. He had nearly killed his own brother. Something he would never forgive himself for if he had.

        Klaus took his wrist away and it instantly healed. He then stood up and started towards Hayley.

        “You. How could you believe him?” he growled at her, speaking of Tyler Lockwood, the hybrid whom had said that Klaus was going to use his own child to make hybrids when it was born. .

        “Maybe because I know him better than you do. Besides, I know how you can be, and love doesn't exactly fit into your lifestyle.”

        Suddenly, he pinned her against the wall by the window, hand tightly around her throat, and growled.

        She gasped.

        Rebekah walked in to see the scene and through him off her at vamp speed.

        “Seriously, Nik?” she said to him, before looking at Hayley to make sure she was okay She then looked at Klaus again. “Did you do it?”

        “Of course I did. I wouldn't kill my only brother,” he replied.

        In the end, Elijah was cured, so everybody lived happily ever after.
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House of the Rising Son (2nd revised version; Kat'

        It’s a dark night, as I stagger through New Orleans; searching for the one guy I will always love, hoping none of the supernatural factions will decide that I’m food. I’m hurt from the wreck I accidentally caused in Mystic Falls. If luck weighs in my favor, Damon won’t follow me to New Orleans just to feed me to Silas.

        When I see the Mikaelson mansion, I’m overjoyed inside, knowing it’s not much further. I’m so exhausted, and I know I look like crap. All that matters to me right now though, is that I get to Elijah. As far as I know, none of the Originals know what has happened. Hopefully, Klaus won’t be ill-tempered when I get to the mansion. He can be quite aggressive if he’s driven to be. I’m human now because of Elena shoving the cure down my throat. I need protection, and Elijah is the only one that will protect me, and not break his promise to protect me. I should’ve known that Damon would break his promise to protect me after a few weeks. I don’t know why he did it, and I don’t care to find out. I want to put as many allies and miles between him and me as I can possibly get.

        When I get to the mansion, my vision blurry from my injuries and possible blood loss, I hear their voices.

        “A witch,” Klaus says. 

        “She’s not just any witch. She’s something I’ve never seen before, something beyond powerful, and because of you, she has Elijah. Who knows what she could do to him,” Rebekah says.

        “Where is she?” Klaus asks her.

        “That clever bitch. I don’t know,” she answers after a moment.

        “What’s wrong?”

        “She wiped my memory of the location. Marcel possesses a weapon bigger and more powerful than an Original, and you handed our brother to him! How many times will Elijah forgive you? How long until his hope for your redemption finally dies?”

        “I did what I had to do! Marcel took our home!”

        “And our home is worthless without family. I am finding Elijah—whatever it takes. Are you going to help me?”

        “Whatever it takes,” he answers her.

        I take a breath, realizing the two people that hate me most in the world are home, but Elijah won’t be coming to my rescue anytime soon. I then knock on the front door, hoping Klaus won’t be the one there to answer it, and hoping that Rebekah won’t kill me for getting the cure like she wanted.

        When the door opens, there stands my 500 year old enemy.

        “Klaus,” I say. “This isn’t the best time, but I was hoping to see Elijah. Apparently, that won’t be happening anytime soon, though.”

        “Come in,” he says.

        I do so and lean against the wall.

        “What happened to you, luv?” he questions after closing the door.

        “Elena shoved the cure down my throat the night of graduation. Now I’m human. I got into a crash back in Mystic Falls, when I was trying to get Jeremy to turn around. Damon wanted to take me to Silas to feed me to him. I did what I always do. I ran. I left Mystic Falls and came here to ask Elijah for his protection, since Damon broke his promise to protect me,” I summarized.

        “Well then. Welcome to New Orleans. Can’t have you dying before you can say a word to my brother, so here,” he says, before biting his wrist and holding it out to me.

        I take it and drink, hoping that he won’t kill me afterwards.

        After a few minutes, I pull away and his wrist instantly heals, and my wounds start to heal.

        “Thank you,” I say to him.

        “You’re welcome, luv. Now go make yourself at home,” he replies, before walking towards the parlor, leaving me be.

        I head up the stairs to find a spare bedroom, and see that one room occupies a werewolf, which I knew would happen eventually. I’m friends with some witches and I know some wolves. That’s how I know that she’s pregnant with Klaus’ child. I actually secretly hope it’s a girl. Girls I hear are quite fun to bring up. Maybe a girl will soften Klaus up like Caroline did back in Mystic Falls. One can only hope.

        I decide to make myself at home in Elijah’s room, hoping he won’t mind. We may be broken up and all, but we’re still in love. We’ve loved each other for 500 years. That love just doesn’t go away on its own after just a short period of time.

        When we finally get Elijah back after almost a month, we speak in his room and he agrees to give me his protection. We even get back together again.
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House of the Rising Son

        It was a dark night in New Orleans in the middle of the town square, as Hayley, seated on a bench, looked at the brown, paper bag in her hands. She was going to take the poison to be done with all this business with the witches and Klaus.

        Suddenly, hearing something, she set the bag on the bench and stood up, looking around.

        A moment later, there were two men she sensed to be vampires, on either side of her, clearly there on regards to Marcel.

        “Marcel wants to see you,” one said.

        “Come with us,” the other said.

        “Why should I? Because Marcel orders it? I don’t care about his rules. I’m under protection. No one can do anything to me and get away with it.”

        “Come with us,” the first one echoed what the second one had said a moment later.

        The second one growled at her.

        A wounded, weak Katherine stopped walking a distance away, getting a sense that these vampires weren’t her friends. So, she walked over, a long stick in hand.

        “I think she made her point. She doesn’t want to go with you.”

        She stabbed the first vamp through the heart with the stick, killing him, before pulling it out and watching him fall to the ground.

        She looked at the last one remaining, as she leaned against the stick as a crutch.

        “Tell this Marcel to leave this werewolf alone, because he doesn’t want to get involved in Original vampire rivalry.”

        The vampire sped out of sight.

        Katherine let the stick drop to the ground, before placing a hand over her wound again and slowly turning to face Hayley.

        “We haven’t officially met. I’m Katherine. You must be Hayley.”

        “Yeah. I am. What happened to you?”

        “Cliff notes. Elena used the cure for vampirism on me when I tried to kill her over anger against Bonnie for not giving the cure to me. Now I’m human so I’m pretty much worthless. I can’t even keep from getting myself hurt or killed by a lone, hungry vampire.”

        A moment later, she started to get light-headed and even weaker. Then everything went blurry for her.

        Hayley Marshall went to stand at her side, as the human began to collapse to the ground. Hayley then put an arm around her, as she did.

        “This isn’t how I dreamed we would meet,” Kat commented, as her vision got even more blurry, back against Hayley, half sitting, half slouching.

        Hayley took Kat’s hand away from the wound to see how bad it was. She then looked down at her. She was paling and losing a lot of blood, and she could hear her breathing slowing with her werewolf ears.

        “Hang in there, Katherine,” she encouraged her gently, as she replaced Katherine’s hand over her wound and used her own hand to apply pressure to the wound. With her other hand, she took out her cell for help from one of the Originals. Elijah Mikaelson.

        As Kat lay there, knowing she was dying, she knew the werewolf was calling for help. She could barely hear her or concentrate, though. Her senses were leaving her. Then everything started to go black for her.

        “Elijah, you’re the only one I know I can trust. I need help here in the middle of the French Quarter. It’s Katherine.”

        “What about Katerina?”

        “Apparently, she’s human and hurt. She’s dying.”

        “I’m on my way.”

        He hung up and sped through New Orleans to help Katerina.

        Hayley put her phone away.

        Once he arrived, he was instantly on his knees by them. Then, being as gentle as possible, he slid an arm under her. As he did, Hayley let go of her and he carefully pulled her into his arms. He then bit his wrist, positioning her head gently back, and put it to her lips, making his blood go down her throat to heal her.

        He looked at Hayley.

        “What happened here?”

        Hayley told him everything she knew, as her force fed Katerina his blood.

        “They need to know,” he informed her, before looking down at his lover. “Keep fighting, Katerina. I’m here now.”


        Rebekah had just walked inside, when five minutes later, Elijah walked in carrying an out cold Katerina, Hayley at his side.

        Hayley closed the door, as Elijah headed towards the stairs, telling his sister, “Look after Hayley and get Niklaus. No use trying to hide her being in town.”

        Once in an unoccupied bedroom, Elijah layed her gently down on the bed. He then bent down and lightly kissed her forehead, before silently looking down at her.

        “I promise, I won’t leave you if I don’t have to. I’m so sorry, Katerina. Forgive me. I thought you’d be safe. I made a mistake, and for that, I am sorry.”

        When he heard Klaus, Rebekah, and Hayley coming their way, he turned around to face them.

        “What is the meaning of this?” Klaus growled, seeing Katerina.

        “How is she?” Hayley calmly asked Elijah.

        “What happened?” Rebekah questioned her elder brother.

        “I don’t know yet,” Elijah answered Hayley, before looking at both of his siblings. “Mind your tone, Niklaus. Katerina nearly died in Hayley’s arms tonight. Hayley knows more than I do. I just healed her and brought her here. All we can do now is wait for her to awaken.”

        He sat down on Katerina’s bedside and looked at her, as he held her left hand in his.

        Niklaus, Hayley, and Rebekah left the room, Hayley closing the door behind herself lightly, getting the hint that Elijah wanted to be left alone with Katerina.

        When Katherine woke up, she felt like herself again. She then saw that she was in an unfamiliar bedroom with Elijah seated on her bedside.

        “Welcome back, Katerina,” he greeted her.

        “Thanks,” she replied.

        They gave each other a smile.
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United Once Again (Kalijah)


The broken clock is a comfort

It helps me sleep tonight

Maybe it can stop tomorrow from stealing all my time

I am here still waiting though I still have my doubts

I am damaged at best

Like you’ve already figured out

I’m falling apart

I’m barely breathing

With a broken heart that’s still beating

In the pain

There is healing

In your name I find meaning

So I’m holdin’ on

I’m holdin’ on

I’m barely holdin’ on to you

        It was a nebulous night in New Orleans, as Katherine walked through the French Quarter in search of Elijah. She didn’t like to admit it, but for once in a very long time, she needed him; needed his help; his protection. She was human, which meant that sooner or later, her enemies would find out and she wouldn’t be able to defend herself. Having an Original on her side would be a bonus for her. This wasn’t just survival though. She also wanted to win him back. If she was going to die human, she wanted to at least get her happy ending with him before then. It still hurt that he’d left her for his family, but after being reunited with Nadia, she understood somewhat. She didn’t want Nadia’s protection though. Nadia had spent her entire vampirism life searching for her. It was time for her to live her own life. It was best that she go to Elijah. He and his siblings were almost unkillable. She was doing this to keep Nadia alive and make the better choice. Even if that choice got her killed or once again, hurt. He’d never hurt her before like he had by breaking up with her, but then again, it was partly her fault for lying to him.



        Elijah and Katherine were in an alleyway, Katherine standing in front of him.

        “I was doing what I had to to survive,” she defended.

        “Is that what I am to you? A means of survival?” he accused her.

        “Don’t. Don’t let sweet little Elena get to you. She hates me. She wants you to turn against me and convince you that I can’t be trusted.”

        “I asked you a question,” he said in an irritated and commanding tone.

        “No,” she replied. “Of course, you’re not a means of survival. You looked out for me when I had no one. You’ve given me a second chance now when no one else will. I love you.” She rested a hand on the side of his face. “Elijah.” He turned his face away and she dropped her hand. “You don’t believe me,” she realized.

        “I want to,” he replied, looking at her. “It’s my disease. I just keep wanting to believe you, but how can I when at every turn you give me a reason to doubt you? I don’t know you. I don’t think I ever will.”

        He began to walk away.

        She caught up with him, a hand on his arm, stopping him.

        He looked at her, then her hand, and then her again.

        “Wait,” she said. Seeing him look at her hand, she knew he wanted her to let go. So she did.

        “Goodbye, Katherine.”

        She could only watch, as he walked away.


        Elijah was walking down a sidewalk. When he saw her coming, he tried to pass her, but her words and her in front of him stopped him.

        “Wait,” she said.

        “What do you want?”

        “To tell you that you’re right. I’ve spent so much time running and lying just to survive that I don’t —I’m starting to believe my own lies. I don’t even remember who I was when we first met. And I want to find out.”

        She pulled out a black box from her purse.

        “You have the cure,” he stated.

        “Yes. And I could shove this down Klaus’ throat and try to kill him, but even if I managed to do it, I’d lose you. And I don’t want that to happen.” She put the cure in his hand, which was a vial of blood. “I need you to trust me. I want you to trust me. Just like I’m trusting you. You don’t owe me anything. I’m going to let you decide where we go from here.”

        He silently watched, as she walked off. Then he looked down at the cure.

*Mystic Falls*

        It was a dismal night, as they stood in front of each other at the Mikaelson mansion. He’d just told her that he was leaving to follow Klaus to New Orleans.

        “Elijah, please. It’s our turn,” she pleaded.

        “Katerina,” he said. He kissed her on the forehead. “Goodbye, Katerina.”

        A moment later, he was gone, leaving her alone and hurt and ultimately abandoned. Without Elijah, she had no one to turn to.


        Katherine had to stop in her tracks when she was surrounded by a few vampires.

        “Who are you? You’re not local here, nor a vampire,” one said.

        “Not telling,” she replied.

        “Then you’ll have to come with us and Marcel will decide what to do with you.”

        “Marcel, huh? Go ahead then. He won’t harm me. We’re old allies. Or were. Besides, he knows not to harm me. Unless he wants a certain Original on his tail,” she replied.

        The vampire she spoke to looked quite irritated when she said that. Then she heard the sound of bodies drop and turned around to see a couple of the vampires dead. The remaining vampires sped off in fear, which she understood, because there stood Rebekah whom hated her for being able to escape Klaus for 500 years.

        “Now that is no way to treat a lady,” Rebekah said, before dropping the heart and looking at her. “What the bloody hell are you doing here and human? You took the cure, didn’t you? Tell me I saved you for a good reason, because I don’t kill vampires just for anyone.”

        “I’m here for Elijah’s protection and maybe to win him back if possible. It’s not like I’d do this to myself on purpose. I didn’t know Elena had the cure in her pocket when I tried to kill her. Elijah’s my only option. Damon tried handing me over to Silas and I’m not putting Nadia, my daughter I had in 1490 that found me just to ask why I abandoned her, in danger by protecting me herself. I kept her a secret along with my villagers. She was illegitimate so I was banished. That’s why I was in England in 1492 in the first place. I went back for her in 1498, but couldn’t find her. I had to tell her what really happened. Apparently, she spent her entire life as a vampire, searching for me. I won’t have her killed trying to protect me. I’m giving her her life back,” she explained to her.

        Rebekah was shocked that she had a daughter and, hearing about her human life, actually felt sorry for her.

        “So, Elena bested you,” she sated. “Sounds like a pattern. Marcel has bested Klaus. I can take you to the house, but Elijah’s not there. Niklaus daggered him as a peace offering to Marcel. Now we’re trying to find out where Elijah is.”

        “I think I can speed things up. If he’s not at the compound, he’ll be with the witch Marcel saved. Her name’s Davina. She’d be a teenager now and she’s got a temper. She’s the only Harvest girl left alive. She lives in the attic of the church.”

        “How do you know this?” she asked.

        “Because we were allies and he told me about her years ago. I think it will be best if I go alone. Besides, Marcel knows that if he doesn’t do what I want, he won’t like the outcome. We made an agreement back in the 1950’s that he can do whatever he wants as long as he leaves Elijah alone. If he ever crossed the line, he’d answer to me and we’d be enemies,” Katherine answered.

        “I’ll go with you until you get to the compound then,” Rebekah said.

        An hour later, Marcel found her on a balcony, clearly waiting for him, looking down at the floor below.

        She sensed a presence and looked behind her to see him.

        Marcel stood beside her.

        “It’s been a while, Katherine. How’ve you been? I see you’re human now somehow. What are you doing here?” he greeted her, playing nice.

        “You know why I’m here. Where’s Elijah?” she questioned.

        “With Davina, but don’t tell no one about her,” he answered.

        “Too late. I’ve already told Rebekah. Now give back Elijah or I will be your enemy. I don’t care what you and Klaus are fighting about. Elijah isn’t just some peace offering. He’s the love of my life and you know it. So do whatever the hell you need to to get him back for me. Otherwise, I’ll do it myself and I know you wouldn’t want me going after Davina to do it in the first place,” she replied, that last part being a threat.

        “Okay, okay. You don’t need to get testy. I’ll talk to Davina, but I can’t promise anything. She’s working on finding out a way to kill Klaus. Right now, she hates him,” he explained to her.

        “Everyone hates him. I’m going to give you until tomorrow evening. Then it’s gonna go my way,” she said, before leaving.

        Later that night, she entered the house with Rebekah and picked out a room to sleep in; Elijah’s.

        Later the next night, Marcel gave Elijah to Katherine, much to Davina’s displeasure, and Klaus undaggered him.

        The next day, she walked in to see Elijah and Klaus each reading a book, before Rebekah walked in.

        “Is this what you do the first time we’re back together as a family? Vampire book club?”

        “Reading edifies the mind, sister. Isn’t that right, Elijah?”

        “Yes. That’s quite right, Niklaus.”

        Rebekah got rid of the body and was tending to the rug that had blood on it from the dead girl, while Katherine left the room.

        Katherine stood in front of the window of a guest room she’d chosen, looking out of it across the front yard.

        A moment later, she felt a presence behind her and then he was next to her.

        “I didn’t get around yet to thank you for returning me to my siblings, so thank you, Katerina. What has happened to you, though? You’re human.”

        “I tried to kill Elena after you left, because I thought it was partly her fault. I didn’t know that she had the cure and she shoved it down my throat. I came here to ask for your protection and maybe, if I’m lucky, we can fix us,” she replied, looking at him.

        “I’ll always protect you, Katerina. I won’t let anything happen to you, but I can’t promise anything. You lied to me.”

        “I know and I’m sorry. It felt like something I had to do at the time,” she apologized.

        There was nothing else to say so he left the room.

The broken locks were a warning you got inside my head

I tried my best to be guarded

I’m an open book instead

I still see your reflection inside of my eyes

That are looking for a purpose

They’re still looking for life

I’m falling apart

I’m barely breathing

With a broken heart that’s still beating

In the pain (in the pain)

Is there healing

In your name (in your name) I find meaning

So I’m holdin’ on (I’m still holdin’ on)

I’m holdin’ on (I’m still holdin’)

I’m holdin’ on (I’m still holdin’)

I’m barely holdin’ on to you

I’m hangin’ on another day

Just to see what you throw away

        She let him walk away, knowing that it would take time for him to trust her again. In the meantime though, she knew he’d protect her. She was thankful, because without him, she was sure that she’d give up.

        That night, while Elijah and Klaus were off doing stuff, Katherine suddenly felt like she was burning up. She put a hand on the railing by the stairs to stay on her feet. She felt like she was burning up and was getting somewhat dizzy.

        “Rebekah!” she called.

        When Elijah and Klaus had left, Elijah had appointed Rebekah to watch over Katherine.

        Rebekah came from the parlor and, upon seeing her, blurred to her side.

        She looked at the original.

        “I’m burning up. I think it’s a witch,” she informed her.

        She put an arm around her and a hand on her arm, and then blurred them both to Elijah’s room.

        “I’ll let them know. First though, lay down.”

        Katherine layed down with her help and Rebekah put a cool wet washcloth on her forehead, before leaving the room to call Elijah.

        Katherine closed her eyes, feeling weak from the high temperature. She wondered if this was what it felt like when a vampire was bitten by a werewolf.

        Rebekah came in a few minutes later and sat on her bedside.

        “Do me a favor and don’t die. I won’t hear the end of it from Elijah if you die on my watch.”

        “Well, I can’t promise anything,” she replied.

And I’m hanging on the words you say

You said that I will be OK

The broken lights on the freeway left me here alone

I may have lost my way now

Haven’t forgotten my way home

I’m falling apart

I’m barely breathing

With a broken heart that’s still beating

In the pain (in the pain) there is healing

In your name I find meaning

So I’m holdin’ on (I’m still holdin’)

I’m holdin’ on (I’m still holdin’)

I’m holdin’ on (I’m still holdin’)

I’m barely holdin’ on to you

I’m holdin’ on (I’m still holdin’)

I’m holdin’ on (I’m still holdin’)

I’m barely holdin’ on to you

        That night, when Elijah came into the room, she was so weak that she couldn’t go anywhere even if she wanted to. She knew it was Elijah though, when he gently picked her up in his arms, even before he spoke.

        “We have to get you cooled down,” he told her. Then she felt wind and a few minutes later, felt water, which let her know that he was going to use the pool to cool her down.

        He waded into the water, her in his arms, to cool her down while Sophie did a spell to counteract the spell Agnes had cast on her.

        After a few minutes, the spell was broken through Sophie’s spell.

        Elijah waded towards the end of the pool and got out with her still in his arms. After all, she was still weak from what had and almost had been done to her.

        Sophie looked at Elijah.

        “Agnes is our last living elder. Promise me that your brother won’t kill Agnes.”

        Elijah looked at the witch.

        “Normally I would promise you that Klaus nor I won’t kill her, but she tried to kill Katerina. I can’t promise you that. I will not let anyone harm Katerina. This will not go unpunished. I will not let Katerina be put in danger. Those responsible will be punished the way I and Klaus see fit,” he replied, before walking into the house to lay Katerina down in bed. He knew that she needed to rest.

        Once he layed her down on her bed, he went to leave, but turned back when he felt her hand on his arm.

        He looked at her.

        “Thank you,” she said weakly.

        “Anything for you, Katerina,” he replied, as he looked back at her.

        She let go of him.

        “You should go deal with Agnes. Rebekah can watch me,” she encouraged him.

        “Rest,” he said, before leaving.

        She gave a smile, before closing her eyes to rest.

        Later that night, Elijah stood in the church with a hand around Agnes’ throat.

        “Let this be a lesson to all of you what happens to those that come after Katerina,” he said to the other witches that were there.

        A moment later, he snapped her neck and let her body fall to the floor.

        “No one harms Katerina and lives. No one,” he said, before walking out of the church, heading back home.

        Rebekah walked into her room.

        When Katherine sensed a presence, she opened her eyes to see the blond standing in the threshold, clearly waiting for her to notice her.

        “I’m leaving,” Rebekah told her. “I only came here to make sure Elijah’s okay. He’s okay so I’m going.”

        “Then good luck,” she replied.

        Rebekah left and Katherine went back to sleep.

        A few days later, Klaus won back New Orleans and he, Elijah, and Katherine moved into the compound. Soon after, Elijah and Katherine got back together.
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Don't Let Me Go (Kalijah)

*American Gothic*

I’m watching myself

Drifting away

A vision so darkened

I cannot stay

I’m reaching out wide

Trying to catch myself before I fall

Too little too late

Can you save me?

Where do we go when we walk on light?

Who do we call at the edge of night?

Carry me close like the teardrops in your eyes

All I can give you is memories

Carry them with you and I’ll never leave

        It was a dismal night, as they stood in front of each other.

        “What do you want?” he questioned her.

        “To tell you that you’re right. I’ve spent so much time running and lying just to survive, I—I’m starting to believe my own lies. I don’t even remember who I was when we first met. And I want to find out.”

        “How do I know this isn’t another lie? Katherine Pierce deceiving yet another man?” he replied.

        “Because I meant what I said about my feelings for you. And I’d like to think that you feel something for me too.” She took out the cure.

        “You have the cure,” he stated.

        “Yes. I can shove this down Klaus’ throat and try to kill him, but even if I managed to do it, I’d lose you. And I don’t want that to happen.” She put the cure in his hand. “I need you to trust me. I want you to trust me. Just like I’m trusting you. You don’t owe me anything. I’m going to let you decide where we go from here.”

        He watched, as she walked away.

I’ll lay my head down

But when I lay my head down

Don’t let me go

Hold me in your beating heart

I won’t let go

Forever is not enough

Let me lay my head down on the shadow by your side

Don’t let me go

Hold me in your beating heart

So let me freeze time

Before it turns cold

        Later that night, he stood in front of her at the Mikaelson place in Mystic Falls.

        He rested a hand on the side of her face after having told her that he was leaving town.

        “It’s our turn, Elijah. Please,” she pleaded with him.

        “Katerina.” He looked at her for a moment, before kissing her on the forehead. “Goodbye, Katerina.”

        A moment later, she stood alone after he’d vanished.

*I Know What You Did Last Summer/House of the Rising Son*

The moments go by

And life goes on

The torturous stars

Are taking every breath I wish I held

The love in my heart

Is never ending

Where do we go when we walk on light?

Who do we call at the edge of night?

Carry me close like the teardrops in your eyes

All I can give you is memories

Carry them with you and I’ll never leave

        Elijah was heading home, when he smelled the mixed scents of Katerina, human, and blood. He was curious, so he followed the scents, which soon led him to a car that had crashed into a streetlight pole and was nearly totaled. He could see that Katerina was still inside. Knowing she was injured, he realized that she was human. With that conclusion, he realized that between the time he’d left her and now, someone had gotten an idea to shove the cure down her throat. He knew how much she loved being a vampire. He knew that to her, being human was far from being a gift.

        He blurred to her side of the car and forced the jammed door open.

        He rested a hand on the side of her face.

        “Katerina,” he called. “Can you hear me, Katerina?”

        When he didn’t get anything, he gently pulled her into his arms and out of the wreckage. He then blurred her home, since there weren’t any working hospitals. He didn’t know if she could digest vampire blood, so he wasn’t going to take the chance. His only chance in saving her life was Rebekah. He didn’t have any other choice. He figured that she wouldn’t kill her though, since she was human and he still loved her. Just because he’d left, didn’t mean he didn’t still love her. He would always love her.

I’ll lay my head down

But when I lay my head down

Don’t let me go

Hold me in your beating heart

I won’t let go

Forever is not enough

Let me lay my head down on the shadow by your side

Don’t let me go

Hold me in your beating heart

        Once home, he gently layed her down in his bed and called for Rebekah. As he layed her down, though he didn’t know if she could hear him or not, he told her, “Stay with me, Katerina.”

You can’t see me

But you still feel me

I only live in your memories

I mean something

Your everything

You lay me down

Take me there

Don’t let me go

        Half an hour later, she was tended to by Rebekah, so Katherine would be okay now.

        He sat on Katerina’s bedside and rested a hand on the side of her face, and his other on top of her hand.

        “I’m so sorry, Katerina. I should’ve made sure you were okay.” If anything had happened to her while he’d been away, he’d never forgive himself. He knew now that he never should have abandoned her. She couldn’t survive without him. Especially, as a human. She needed him now more than ever.

Hold me in your beating heart

I won’t let go

Forever is not enough

Let me lay my head down on the shadow by your side

Don’t let me go

Hold me in your beating heart

        After she recovered and they sorted things out between one another, they got back together, so all was well between them.
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Understanding (Kalijah)

        It was a dismal night in New Orleans in the woods, as Rebekah walked, in search of Hayley, while talking to Elijah to let him know what happened.

        Suddenly, smelling human blood and Katherine, she was directed to where an injured and human Katherine lay on her back, out cold, an ascendant in hand.

        “You better hurry up and get over here. Now,” she said, before hanging up.

        As she looked at her, she wondered what the hell had happened to her. Last she had seen her, she had been alive and a vampire. Now she was human and, seeing the ascendant, had come from somewhere that had put her in this condition. Despite the fact that she despised her, Katherine didn’t deserve what had happened to her. Despite everything, she didn’t want her to die, but if she didn’t help her, that’s what would happen. She didn’t have to see her injuries to know that.

        She approached and then knelt beside her and took the ascendant, before putting it in her jacket. She then looked down at her.

        “Katherine?” she called. “Can you hear me?”

        After a moment of nothing, she sighed.

        A moment later, Elijah appeared.

        “Katerina?” he said, seeing her.

        “I found her like this. I don’t know what happened, but I can take care of her. We just need to get her home,” she explained to her elder brother.

        Half an hour later, Elijah had layed her down on his bed and now watched, as Rebekah took care of her.

        After Rebekah had taken care of her, she put gentle hands on either side of her head to take a look.

        When she found her, she silently watched and began to understand her and know what had happened. It made her feel bad for her. She had had her daughter too young and couldn’t fight to keep her. Then they had been reunited, only for her to have to watch her die of a werewolf bite. Seeing her past made her understand why and how she had become who she was these days.

        After a chat with her, she knew why she wasn’t waking up. She had lost her only child and felt that Elijah didn’t care anymore. She felt that she had no reason to fight and just wanted to give up.

        She left her head and then stood and looked at him, before informing him of what she’d seen. She then said, “She feels that she lost everything. She doesn’t want to wake up. You need to talk to her. I’ll leave you two alone.”

        Elijah went to sit on her bedside and rested a gentle hand on her forehead, before going into her head. He saw everything his only sister had, but some of her past he knew. He hadn’t known about her daughter, though.

        “Katerina,” he said, once he found her.


        “It’s me. Rebekah told me everything. I need you to wake up.”

        “And why would I do that? I’ve lost everything. You don’t even care anymore. You left.”

        “You haven’t lost everything. You still have me. Just because I left, doesn’t mean I stopped caring,” he assured her. “I still love you.”

        That gave her a smile.

        “I love you, too.”

        In the end, she woke up and they got back together again.
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Second Chance

        It was a dark night in New Orleans, as Katherine Pierce, a former 500 year old vampiress, walked the route to the Mikaelson place. It had been 400 years ago since she had been here, yet nothing had changed as far as she knew. She was back here to get Elijah’s protection. She was human now and she knew everyone hated her in Mystic Falls. She was wary though, because she knew it could be worse here, considering Klaus was here. Hopefully, he was too busy to deal with her. She could only hope.

        Suddenly, she saw someone approaching her.

        She stopped on the desolate sidewalk.

        “You really don’t want to mess with me. You don’t know who you’re dealing with,” she threatened, assuming he was a vampire that wanted to drink from her. She wasn’t stupid.

        “I’m not going to hurt you. Relax,” he replied, once he stood in front of her.

        A moment later, before she could stop him, he was vamped out and had sank his teeth into the side of her neck.

        She took a small bottle of vervain out, as she kicked him off. And as he staggered back, she through vervain on his face, which burned his skin and made him scream in agony. She then grabbed a stake she had and grazed his heart with it, before running the rest of the way to the Mikaelson family home.

        As she headed up the walkway towards the door, she felt a little weak from blood loss, but kept up the appearance that they had grown accustomed to. The only one she would show weakness from in this family would be Elijah. The other two hated her. Then, once on the porch, she rang the doorbell and leaned heavily on the closest pillar.

        “Who the bloody hell is that at this time of night?” she heard Rebekah say from just beyond the front door. Then she heard high heels and saw the Original sister, once she opened the door. “What the bloody hell happened to you?” she questioned, recognizing her, but not caring. She never liked Katherine. She despised her.

        “Elena shoved the cure down my throat. Now I’m human. I came to speak to Elijah. Where is he?”

        “He’s in the Wolf Girl’s room talking to her. It’s the second room upstairs.”


        Rebekah stepped aside to let her in and then closed the door, before she watched her head upstairs, not caring about her. She never had cared about her elder brother’s girl. She did find it interesting though, that the girl had been able to get past her backstabbing brother for 500 years. She thought it was amazing how she had escaped without being detected for 500 years, considering others he had tried to use to break his curse upon him had failed to do what Katherine had done the first time she was human.

        Kat stopped at Hayley’s room just in time to see Hayley give him a slap across the face.

        “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”

        Before Hayley even started to turn around and walk away, they heard a very familiar voice.

        “Elijah,” Katherine said, getting their attention.

        They both looked at her.

        “What are you doing here?” Hayley asked in a not so friendly tone.

        “Rebekah said that Elijah was in here talking to you. I need to speak to him,” she answered the werewolf.

        “Wait for me in my room. I’ll be in shortly, Katerina,” he said, realizing that something was wrong. She smelled human and she was hurt. She wasn’t even acting like the Katerina she had turned into over the centuries. She was almost like the old Katerina; the girl he fell in love with 500 years ago.

        The human left the room to go to Elijah’s, knowing where it was without directions; she had been here 400 years ago, after all.

        Hayley watched him walk out of her room to go talk to Katherine, which Hayley most certainly hated. Sure, Katherine had directed her to New Orleans to find information about where she came from, but she still hated her.

        As he walked into his room, she walked towards him and he closed the door for privacy. Every ear in the house didn’t need to hear their conversation or what was happening between them.

        He looked at her.

        “What happened to you, Katerina? You’re not who you were when I left town.”

        “You mean when you broke up with me. Something happened shortly after you left and after everyone graduated. Elena thought it would be grand to shove the cure down my throat. I came to ask for your protection, since I’m human and I have so many enemies. If word gets out that I’m human, my enemies will come for me. I’m asking you to do this out of kindness and to give us another chance.”

        “You have my word that no harm will come to you as long as I am here. Is there anything else you would like to share?"

        “Let’s just say that New Orleans isn’t the most welcoming when you’re human on the way to your ex and his family’s home.”

        “You’ve been bitten.”

        “Yeah. Some vampire thought I was an easy snack. I grazed his heart and through vervain in his face.”

        He was amazed that even human, she was able to fend off a vampire.

        “Did you get his name?” he questioned, loving no more than to punish him for hurting his Katerina.

        “No. I didn’t stop to ask. I can only guess that he’s a nightwalker and probably young.”

        He bit his wrist and held it out to her.

        “You need to heal.”

        Without question, she drank from him until she figured that she had had enough. She then pulled away and his wrist and her bite wound instantly healed.

        She looked up at him and wrapped her arms lightly around his neck.

        “I don’t have a place to go. Would you like me to stay here?"

        “I would be more than happy.”

        “Thank you,” she said, before kissing him.

        A moment later, they were kissing and they ended up on his bed, going to third base.

        The next day, she was still asleep when he woke up, so he gently parted himself from her embrace and silently picked his clothes up and headed to his bathroom to get ready for the day.

        When he was ready and had left his bathroom, he lightly kissed her on the forehead, before leaving his room to join his family downstairs. It would be best if his brother heard from him what was going on, instead of her being seen first. That is, if his sister or Hayley hadn’t already told him.

        He entered the parlor where Niklaus was seated in a chair with a shot glass of Bourbon, which was almost finished. And as soon as he spoke, he knew either Rebekah or Hayley had told Klaus about Katerina.

        “Would you like to explain to me what Katerina’s doing in our town and home, brother?”

        He could tell that Klaus was upset and fighting against exploding in rage.

        “It seems that she’s in need of protection, which I’ve granted her. I didn’t ask her as to why but Elena shoved the cure down her throat. She’s human now. Promise me that you will not harm her. She’s under my protection,” Elijah replied.

        “As you wish, brother. I promise that no harm will come to her.”

        “Thank you,” he replied to his younger brother.

        Elijah left the house to continue helping his brother get back their city. New Orleans was originally their city. They helped build it, after all.

        “Is she coming down today? She’s been up there all morning,” Hayley commented to Rebekah who was seated at the bar reading a girlie magazine, as Hayley ate lunch at the bar in the kitchen. She hated her, but she also was starting to worry that something might be wrong with the newly turned human.

        “Stop worrying, Wolf Girl. It’s bad for my niece.”

        “Could you at least make sure she’s okay?”

        “If it’ll stop you worrying about her well-being, yes.”

        Hayley watched her leave the kitchen to check on Katherine.

        Once outside her elder brother’s room, she opened the door and walked in, heading for the window where the curtains were closed. She then opened them to wake the human up. She didn’t feel like yelling at her to get up.

        Katherine rolled over, back to the window.

        “Leave me alone,” she complained.

        “Believe me, you’ll be happy with me when you get up. So will the Wolf Girl. Do you know how long you’ve been in that bed?”

        She rolled over onto her back and looked at the Original sister.

        “How long?”

        “It’s noon, Katherine. Are you feeling alright?”

        “I’m fine. I just haven’t had the greatest sleep for the past week.”

        She got up and headed into the bathroom.

        Knowing she had done what the Wolf Girl had wanted, she went back downstairs.

        When Katherine finally came downstairs, Rebekah had gone and Hayley was putting her dishes in the sink.

        “We didn’t get a chance to speak much last night. Why are you living here, instead of with your pack in the Bayou?” the former vampiress questioned, as she opened the fridge to see what there was for human food.

        “Because I’m going to have Klaus’ child. Elijah made arrangements with the witches for me to stay here, instead of at the cemetery with them. If Elijah hadn’t interfered, I don’t even want to think of what could have happened. Sophie sensed somehow that I’m pregnant,” Hayley answered, knowing how determined Katherine could be when she wanted to know something.

        “Yeah. Sophie has a gift of sensing when young girls are pregnant. I was here 400 years ago. I know New Orleans pretty well and I knew Sophie when she was younger. Do they do this often? Leave you alone in the house?”

        “They don’t have a choice and I like it. It’s the only time I have peace and quiet.”

        “I apologize if I’m asking you too many questions. I just didn’t expect to see you under the same roof as Klaus.”

        “It’s okay. I have an appointment today that Agnes, the last of the elders, set up for me.”

        “Be careful, Hayley. Not all witch elders are trustworthy and honest. I’ve dealt with a few of them in the past.”

        “Don’t worry. I can take care of myself. If anything happens, I’ll call Rebekah or Klaus.”

        She watched, as Hayley left the kitchen and heard the door, as she left the house.

        Later that afternoon, she was seated in a chair in the parlor with a shot glass of Bourbon the Originals always left on the parlor table. She was enjoying being alone in the house. It meant she didn’t get annoyed or bothered by Original siblings. She just hoped that the werewolf was out of danger.

        At that moment, Klaus walked into the parlor and poured himself a shot glass of Bourbon. He then took a sip of it, before leaning against the wall and looking at her.

        “I see you’ve made yourself at home, Katerina.”

        She looked at him.

        “Well, what else am I supposed to do? Hayley’s in the Bayou at an appointment with Agnes, Rebekah is I don’t know where, you’re plotting something, and Elijah’s out doing I don’t know what,” she replied, being neutral.

        “Well, if you must know, I’m trying to get my city back and my siblings have volunteered to help in a way.”

        “And while I wait for your unborn child’s mother to return, I have to stay here and entertain myself and worry.”

        “And what has you worried, luv?”

        “A pregnant wolf carrying your child is in the Bayou with an elder. That’s what. I don’t trust her,” she informed the hybrid.

        “And you think we should all be worried,” he stated.

        “Yes. Especially, you,” she replied.

        “I didn’t know you cared so much.”

        “It’s impossible not to when I’ve been a mother before. She was taken away from me. I don’t want that to happen to anyone else. Especially, Hayley. She’s been through hell almost as bad as I have. Besides, if Elijah’s right, which he usually is, this child will change you. I think it already has.”

        His phone went off and he answered it.

        “Little Sister,” he greeted.

        “I lost the Wolf Girl. That witch has flown the coop and vampires went after the Wolf Girl. I stayed behind and got an arrow in my back. When I woke up, she was gone. Now I can’t find her anywhere.”

        “Where are you?” he asked with an angry face.

        “In the Bayou by the woods.”

        “Stay there. I’m coming.”

        He hung up and she got to her feet, empty shot glass on the table.

        “What happened?” she asked.

        She knew the face he had. It meant that something had happened and others would die because of it.

        He grabbed her upper arm.

        “You’re going to the Bayou with me to find the Little Wolf. Your suspicions were right. That witch isn’t around, and vampires went after the Little Wolf. My dear sister lost her, and can’t seem to find her. You’re going to help,” he said with a growl.

        That night, they all stood by an old house by the Bayou woods, talking.

        “Tell me sister. How did you manage to lose the mother of my child?”

        “I had an arrow in my back. She was gone when I woke up. What do you think, Nik?”

        “If you would’ve been with her earlier, this wouldn’t have happened.”

        “Have you ever thought that I’m getting tired of being the babysitter all the time?”

        The human put herself between them and looked at them.

        “Can you two stop bickering already? You’re adding tension and stress to the situation that I don’t want right now. I’m going to see if I can find her. Try not to kill each other.”

        With that, she headed into the woods in search of the wolf and checked everywhere, including areas that could be used as somewhere to hide.

        An hour later, she found her out cold on her back on the ground.

        As soon as she saw her, she ran to and knelt by the werewolf. And as soon as she knelt by her, someone came out from the darkness.

        Feeling that someone was there, she looked up to see him.

        “Not who I was expecting, but you’ll do.”

        At vamp speed, he had her pinned, back against a tree, arm against her throat.

        “Nothing will delight me more than to see the Originals suffer. I hear one has a thing for you. After this, Agnes gets to deal with the werewolf and the spawn.”

        “Go to hell,” she said.

        A moment later, he vamped out and sunk his teeth into the side of her neck. She knew she wouldn’t be able to fight against this one, so she only hoped that Klaus and Rebekah would get there in time.

        When they smelled the flow of blood, they stopped bickering and used super speed, following the scent. For Rebekah, it was vamp speed and for Klaus, it was hybrid speed. Then, once they arrived, Rebekah went to make sure Hayley was okay, while Klaus took care of the vampire who didn’t last long against him. He soon ripped out the vamp's heart and dropped it, before looking at his sister.

        “Get the Little Wolf out of here, sister. I’ll deal with the body and take care of Katerina,” Klaus said.

        As soon as Rebekah and Hayley were out of sight, he went over and knelt by an out cold and bitten Katerina. He’d be happy to just let her die, but knew it would shatter Elijah. What he saw in her, Niklaus would probably never know. So, knowing that for Elijah he couldn’t let her die, he gently pulled her into his arms and bit his wrist. He then put it to her lips, making his blood go down her throat to heal her.

        The next day, when she woke up, she was in her and Elijah’s room in bed. She then saw that she was alone, so she figured that everyone had gone to take down the King of New Orleans. So, after getting to her feet, she went to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

        Once downstairs and fed, she walked into the parlor where Hayley was sitting in a chair with a book in hand, reading.

        “I see you’re feeling better,” the wolf commented.

        Kat sat on the couch and looked at her.

        “I am. I assume it was Rebekah?”

        “Actually, it was Klaus.”

        “He probably felt guilty for putting me in that mess then. Serves him right. He shouldn’t have drug me out to the Bayou with him. I would’ve been safe if he had just left me here.”

        She saw Hayley set the book down and look a bit on the pale side. So, not wanting anything to happen to her or that child, she approached the wolf.

        “Are you okay?”

        “I don’t know. It’s probably nothing, but I’m not feeling well all of a sudden. It’s probably just morning sickness.”

        She felt the wolf’s forehead with a hand.

        “You’re burning up. You need to lie down while I let them know.”

        Hayley got to her feet, not knowing why Katherine had to call them.

        Katherine helped her upstairs with an arm on her upper one and to her bed, before taking out her phone and calling Klaus.

        “This isn’t the time, luv.”

        “Well, you better make time, or you’re not going to be a dad. A witch did something. Now she’s burning up. You better speak to Sophie.”

        She heard him growl, before hanging up.

        That night, Elijah and Kat saved the child by getting her in the pool, while Klaus dealt with Agnes. Then, afterward, Elijah found Klaus and Agnes at the church and killed her for messing with his family.

        The next day, when she woke up, Kat had an urge, so she rushed to the bathroom and closed the door, before kneeling in front of the toilet where she threw up.

        A few minutes later, she heard a voice from the other side of the door.

        “Are you okay? Talk to me, Katerina.”

        She figured he must’ve heard her.

        “I’m fine, Elijah,” she said, knowing why she was feeling this way.

        She flushed the toilet and got to her feet, before cleaning up and getting ready for the day. She then opened the door to reveal her now boyfriend.

        “I have to tell you something, though I don’t know how this is possible. I haven’t felt like this since I had Nadia 500 years ago in Bulgaria. I know vampires can’t procreate, but I’m pregnant.”

        “Are you sure?”

        “Yes,” she replied, before wrapping her arms around his neck and looking up at him. They then kissed.

        They smiled, knowing that this was their second chance at a semi-happy life. Now to break the news to the family.

        “Welcome to the family,” was all Hayley said, after Elijah and the human told the family in the parlor.

        “What is this? An orphanage?” was all Rebekah said, before leaving the room.

        Kat figured that she was feeling left out, since she wasn’t human and couldn’t have kids like Hayley and Katherine were going to be doing. She kind of felt sorry for her, since she had barely had any happiness since becoming an Original vampire.

        “Well, as exciting as this has been, I have places to be,” Klaus said, before leaving the house.

        “That went well,” Kat commented.

        “It could’ve been worse. Call me if you need me,” he said.

        They kissed, before he left.

        Several months later, Klaus and Hayley’s child, Hope, was saved from the witches trying to sacrifice her and Hayley was a new hybrid. Hope was with Rebekah and it was coming close to Katerina having the child, which they decided on naming Khadija Petrova Mikaelson.

        When it was time, she decided to give birth in the Mikaelson family home. And after a few hours, she was born.

        Kat sat up in bed with her in her arms, and looked down at her.

        “Welcome to New Orleans, Khadija Petrova Mikaelson.”
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Without You (Kalijah)

*American Gothic*

If you had a choice

Then what would you choose…

To do

I could live without money

I could live without the pain

And if every day was sunny

I could live without the rain

And if I ever went up to heaven

I would fall right back down

That life wouldn’t be liven

‘Cause you’re the one

I couldn’t live without

        It was a beautiful day, as they stood in front of each other in a Pennsylvania alleyway.

        “Is that what I am to you? A means of survival?” he accused.

        “No. Of course, you’re not a means of survival. You looked out for me, when I had no one. You’ve given me a second chance now, when no one else will. I love you.” She rested a hand on the side of his face. “Elijah.”

        He turned his face away.

        She put her hand down.

        “You don’t believe me.”

        “I want to,” he replied, looking at her. “It’s my disease. I just keep wanting to believe you, but how can I when, at every turn, you give me a reason to doubt you? I don’t know you. I don’t think I ever will.” He began to walk away, but she caught up with him and put a hand on his arm. He looked at her hand on her arm and then her a couple of times.

        Getting the hint, she let go.

        “Goodbye, Katherine.”

        She could only watch, as he walked away.

If I couldn’t blink

Woulda still be able to see you

I coulda imagine


Without arms

Coulda reach

No way I could ever hold you


I need these things

Like I need you

If you had a choice

What would you choose?

        Katherine found him that night and stood in front of him, blocking him from going anywhere.


        “What do you want?” he asked.

        “To tell you that you’re right. I’ve spent so much time running and lying just to survive, I—I’m starting to believe my own lies. I don’t even remember who I was when we first met. And I want to find out.”

        “How do I know this isn’t another lie? Katherine Pierce deceiving yet another man?”

        “Because I meant what I said about my feelings for you. And I’d like to think that you feel something for me too.” She took out the cure.

        “You have the cure.”

        “Yes, and I can shove this down Klaus’ throat and try to kill him, but even if I managed to do it, I’d lose you. And I don’t want that to happen.” She set it in his hand. “I need you to trust me. I want you to trust me. Just like I’m trusting you. You don’t owe me anything. I’m going to let you decide where we go from here.”

        He watched, as she walked away, before looking down at the cure.

I could live without money

I could live without the pain

And if every day was sunny

I could live without the rain

And if I ever went up to heaven

I would fall right back down

That life wouldn’t be liven

‘Cause you’re the one

I couldn’t live without

        Later that night, they stood in front of each other at the Mikaelson place.

        He rested a hand on the side of her face after telling her that he was leaving town.

        “It’s our turn, Elijah. Please,” she pleaded.

        “Katerina.” He looked at her for a moment, before kissing her on the forehead. “Goodbye, Katerina.”

        A moment later, he was gone.

*New Orleans*




If I couldn’t dream without

Believe that there could be

A you and me

And if I couldn’t see

Would you be able

To hear my melody

I know there’s something wrong

And I’m afraid

That you are moving on

How can I fly

When you are my wings?

I need these things

Like I need you

        After an entire summer of being alone and afraid and not knowing when an enemy would come around the next corner, if any, she decided to hot-wire a car and drive to New Orleans, taking a chance. She’d been mad after Elijah had left, and had thought Elena had had something to do with him abandoning her, so she’d taken it out on Elena and had tried to kill her. Because Elena didn’t want to die, she’d shoved the cure down her throat. Katherine hadn’t known that Elena had had the cure in her pocket. If she had, an entire different scenario would’ve played out. Since she had nowhere to go, and everyone nearly everywhere hated her, she decided to come to New Orleans. She hoped that it wouldn’t be a mistake. She needed Elijah now more than ever, even if being turned human was her fault.

If you had a choice

What would you choose?

I could live without money

I could live without the pain

And if every day was sunny

I could live without the rain

And if I ever went up to heaven

I would fall right back down

That life wouldn’t be liven

‘Cause you’re the one

I couldn’t live without

        Elijah was walking, heading home, when he smelled the familiar smell of Katerina mixed with human, blood, and smoke. Curious, he followed the scent trail, hoping no one was hurt. Especially, Katerina. If anything happened to her, he didn’t know what pieces of him would be left. Even though he’d left, he still loved her and would do anything for her, but he couldn’t abandon his family. He had to always choose family above love, he felt. Family was everything, even if she didn’t understand his faith in Klaus. He knew a part of her understood family though, even though her human family had been killed 500 years ago by Klaus. That was the night that had changed her into someone that wasn’t the Katerina he fell in love with. She was different now, but that didn’t mean he didn’t love her. She was just too complicated at times, which was why he had to leave her at the time. Because of complications, and because he felt like he still had to protect her from Klaus.

You can take it all

From me

It wouldn’t mean


Turn the whole world against me

As long as

You don’t leave

It’s getting hard for me to sleep

Even a part for me to breathe

I’m used to life with you

Tell me what I need to do

        Once he found the scene, he blurred to the car that had crashed into a streetlight pole and was on fire, her still inside. As soon as he was at her side of the car, he knew that it was Katerina. He forced the jammed door and gently pulled her into his arms, getting her out of the wreckage and ablazed car. Then, once he was a ways away from the car, he gently layed her down and assessed her injuries. It didn’t look bad. She was okay as far as injuries were concerned. There was blood on either side of her head and a few minor wounds, so they weren’t bad. The worst part had been the fire from the car, since he couldn’t hear anything from her. His heart sank, knowing this, but he knew he had to try.

        He bent down and kissed her, giving her some air, trying to revive her.

I could live without money

I could live without the pain

And if every day was sunny

I could live without the rain

And if I ever went up to heaven

I would fall right back down

That life wouldn’t be liven

‘Cause you’re the one

I couldn’t live without

        “Breathe, Katerina. Breathe. Come back to me,” he pleaded, as he tried to bring her back. He couldn’t lose her. He wouldn’t. Him leaving her couldn’t be the last memory he had of her. She had to live. “Don’t leave me, Katerina. Please.”

I could live without money

I could live without the pain

And if every day was sunny

I could live without the rain

And if I ever went up to heaven

I would fall right back down

That life wouldn’t be liven

‘Cause you’re the one

I couldn’t live without

        Twenty minutes later, she coughed, revived, and he rested a hand on the side of her face.

        “Katerina,” he said, glad that she’d be okay and was alive now.

        After she was taken care of by Rebekah upon Elijah’s request, she was good as new and they sorted things out and soon got back together.
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Never Let Me Go (Kalijah)

Looking up from underneath

Fractured moonlight on the sea

Reflections still look the same to me

As before I went under

        It was a dark night in New Orleans, as Katherine Pierce was rushed down the hall with a breathing mask on, out cold from the wounds she had received from the crash, having been found by Elijah Mikaelson, human and terribly injured.

And it’s peaceful in the deep

Cathedral where you cannot breathe

No need to pray, no need to speak

Now I am under all

And it’s breaking over me

A thousand miles down to the sea bed

Found the place to rest my head

Never let me go

Never let me go

Never let me go

Never let me go

And the arms of the ocean are carrying me

And all this devotion was rushing out of me

In the crushes of Heaven for a sinner like me

But the arms of the ocean delivered me

        Several hours later, after they had done what they could do for her, Elijah was seated on her bedside, his hand in hers, hoping for her to wake up soon. Because of the crash and her injuries, she was in critical condition. The doctors didn’t think she’d make it through the night. He knew he had to have faith, though.

Though the pressure’s hard to take

It’s the only way I can escape

It seems a heavy choice to make

And now I am under all

And it’s breaking over me

A thousand miles down to the sea bed

Found the place to rest my head

Never let me go

Never let me go

Never let me go

Never let me go

And the arms of the ocean are carrying me

And all this devotion was rushing out of me

In the crushes of Heaven for a sinner like me

But the arms of the ocean delivered me

And it’s over

And I’m going under

But I’m not giving up

I’m just giving in

I’m slipping underneath

So cold and sweet

And the arms of the ocean so sweet and so cold

        After a few months, she was no longer in critical condition and had woken up at last, to see Elijah there. That let her know that he still cared about her, no matter what.

And all this devotion I never knew at all

In the crushes of Heaven for a sinner released

And the arms of the ocean delivered me

Never let me go

Never let me go

Never let me go

Never let me go

        In the end, Kat and Elijah got back together, and she soon was back to normal.
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Time (Kalijah)


Well, the streets are empty where we used to run

And the cars are all on fire

Yeah, we fall like leaves in the garden of



Now remember how it felt being in the sun

When I heard the ancient choir

In the dead of night like an angel



        It was a beautiful day, as she and Elijah played chase.

        “You’re meant to catch me,” she said with a laugh.

        “Well, if I catch you, then the game will be over,” he replied.

        They went and sat on a bench. She spoke of love to him and then said, “True love is not real unless it is returned. Do you agree?”

        “I do not believe in love, Katerina,” he replied.

        “That is too sad for me to accept, my Lord. If we cease to believe in love, then why would we want to live?”

Yeah, time doesn’t love you anymore

But I’m still knocking at your door

Honey we can run forever

If forever it’s what’s in store



To take me home

On a tree in the garden

I carved your name

In a word is spelled desire

Like an ocean deep with the waters



        Katerina ran through the woods, having fled with the moonstone, having found out what they were and what Klaus wanted; needed to do to her during the ritual.

        After escaping and turning into a vampire, she arrived at her Bulgarian village, only to find her village slaughtered, including her family. She ran to where her mother lay and wept over her.

*American Gothic*

And the love pours down like a waterfall

And I can’t escape the tide

Here’s my hand, baby take it or

Leave it

Leave it

‘Cause time doesn’t love you anymore

But I’m still knocking on your door

Honey we can run forever

If forever it’s what’s in store

        It was a beautiful day, as she and Elijah met under a gazebo in Pennsylvania.

        “I’ve missed you,” he said.

        She smiled. “As have I.”



To take me home

Home, home…

Now we’re too young to recognize

That nothing stays the same

Promise I won’t be the one to blame

‘Cause time doesn’t love you anymore

But I’m still knocking on your door

Honey we can run forever

If forever it’s what’s in store

        They stood in front of each other at the Mikaelson place.

        “It’s our turn, Elijah. Please,” she pleaded, wanting him to stay.

        He rested a hand on the side of her face. “Katerina.” For a moment, he looked at her. Then he said, “Goodbye, Katerina,” once he’d kissed her on the forehead. Then he was gone, but he wasn’t leaving her for good. He just had to once again, put his family before her.

*Always and Forever*


Time doesn’t love you like I love you

So take me home

Home, home…

Let me hear you say

Let me hear you say

        It was a dismal night, as they stood in the plantation house, talking on his balcony, after he’d brought her to the house after getting her away from the witches. She was somehow pregnant with his child.

        “I will always protect you, Katerina,” he promised her, a hand on the side of her face.

        She smiled, knowing that he would never break promises.

        A moment later, they kissed.
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Tightrope (Kalijah)

*American Gothic*

I woke up before the sun

Chased your ghost across the yard

Through the fog and tumbling dark ‘til you were gone


I can hardly breathe

I’ve forgotten how to sleep

And your face still haunts my dreams when I’m alone

So now I’m walking on a tightrope wire

Too far off the ground

I’m imagining the words you said when last I saw your mouth

        Elijah stood in front of her at the Mikaelson place. He’d just told her that he was leaving town.

        “It’s our turn, Elijah. Please,” she pleaded with him, trying to get him to stay, but to no avail.

        He rested a hand on the side of her face. “Katerina.” He looked at her in silence, before kissing her on the forehead. “Goodbye, Katerina.” Then he was gone.



I’m walking on a tightrope wire

So afraid to fall

And I’d tell you that I miss you but I’m sure it doesn’t matter at all

The things I gave away

They’re not coming back for me

Should’ve learned from my mistakes but I never do

As I lay here all alone I hang up before I call

And admit to all my faults to pass the time

So now I’m walking on a tightrope wire

Too far off the ground

I’m imagining the words you said when last I saw your mouth

        After Elena shoved the cure down her throat and she woke up, she left the school, aimlessly limping around, not knowing where to go now that she was human. She knew everyone would hate her more once Elena told them all that she’d tried to kill her. She had to get out of town, but she didn’t know where. She thought about Elijah, but she didn’t know if he’d want her in town or to protect her. He’d left after all. She thought about calling, but decided not to.

*Always and Forever*


I’m walking on a tightrope wire

So afraid to fall

And I’d tell you that I miss you but I’m sure it doesn’t matter at all

There’s a place we used to go

Today I went alone

If there’s a message in this song

Well I don’t know

So now I’m walking on a tightrope wire

Too far off the ground

I’m imagining the words you said when last I saw your mouth

        After making up her mind, she went to New Orleans and walked through the streets in the French Quarter, asking around, trying to find someone that would know where the Mikaelsons were staying at. She needed to get a hold of Elijah, but she didn’t want to call, in case he was in the middle of something with Klaus.


I’m walking on a tightrope wire

So afraid to fall

And I’d tell you that I miss you but I’m sure

So now I’m walking on a tightrope wire

Too far off the ground

I’m imagining the words you said when last I saw your mouth


I’m walking on a tightrope wire

So afraid to fall

And I’d tell you that I miss you but I’m sure

And I’d tell you that I miss you but I’m sure it doesn’t matter at all

        After half a day of trying to get answers, she finally came upon an old witch friend of hers. Sophie. She got the address of where they were staying at and went over there. Then she knocked.

        A few minutes later, there stood Elijah.

        “Katerina?” he inquired, surprised to see her human.

        “Elijah,” she greeted. Then she summarized what had happened to her, knowing he didn’t know what had happened. Then she asked him for protection and a place to stay.

        “Of course, Katerina. I will always protect you. You know that,” he replied, and stepped aside.

        She walked inside and he closed the door behind her.
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The Unexpected (Kalijah)

A/N: Got this idea by reading a recent fanfic on similar to this. Also, I’m pretending that Hayley and the pregnancy doesn’t exist.

        It was a dismal night, as a human Katherine entered the compound. She had some news that would definitely benefit Elijah, the other Mikaelsons, and herself. She and Elijah had had a thing before he’d left her. Elijah never knew, because he’d left. That, and because she’d been a vampire at the time. She had just recently found out that she was pregnant. Apparently, being a doppelganger made it possible.

        As she entered the compound, she didn’t know what she was walking into. No matter what though, she was there to let Elijah know. He was a good guy and she still loved him. He deserved to know that she was carrying his child. Besides, she hoped that there was a possibility that she and Elijah could mend what was broken between them.

        “Katerina?” she heard a voice from behind her say.

        She turned around to face him.

        “Elijah,” she greeted.

        Elijah suddenly realized that she was different.

        “You’re human,” he stated. “What are you doing here, Katerina?”

        “I need to tell you something,” she informed him.

        “What is it?” he questioned, though he assumed it was probably bad news, as it usually was with her.

        “After you left me for your brother yet again, I sort of tried to kill Elena. I thought she might have had something to do with you leaving. She shoved the cure down my throat, so that’s why I’m human. I recently learned from a witch that because I’m a doppelganger, it’s possible. I’m pregnant and It’s yours.”

        He was shocked, but also happy that maybe they’d get their own happiness.

        “Are you certain?” he inquired.

        “I am. Listen.”

        She stood just inches in front of him.

        He listened with vampire hearing and heard a heart within Katerina. That’s when he knew that she was telling the truth. She was definitely pregnant. He knew that as a human Katerina most likely wouldn’t have been with any guy after their break up, so he believed that it was his.

        Although he and Katerina both knew that Klaus probably would hate the idea of Katerina being here, Elijah accepted this news and said, “Welcome home, Katerina. You may pick any room you wish.”

        “Or you could let me stay with you,” she added.

        “Let’s not push it,” he replied.

        “Fair enough. Thanks, by the way,” she replied, before heading up the stairs to pick a room.

        After she picked a room, she closed the door and went to bed. After everything she’d been through after turning human unwillingly, she needed sleep. She was exhausted after all the crap she’d had to go through. Being human sucked for her, but thankfully she had Elijah still. Even if they couldn’t mend anything between them, she knew he’d protect her from danger, no matter what. They’d die for each other if it came down to it. Though he’d left, she knew he still loved her, as she did him. Besides, him leaving she knew was at least partly her fault. She’d lied to him a year ago, after all.

        When Klaus returned from being at the bar, he immediately could smell Katerina’s scent.

        Elijah stood in front of him, as soon as Klaus entered.

        “What is she doing here, Elijah?” Klaus questioned, clearly unhappy.

        “She’s here to stay as long as I allow it,” he informed his brother. “She’s pregnant with my child, because of what she is. She’s also human, which means she’s a part of this family now, so I expect you to be on your best behavior.”

        Rebekah entered, as Elijah explained the situation to Klaus.

        “Bloody hell,” she stated. “This family is dysfunctional as it is. Now Katherine’s going to be a part of this family, too?”

        After saying that, Rebekah went upstairs to her room, not wanting any part of what was going on.

        “Fine. I promise I won’t hurt her,” Klaus told Elijah, before going to his room, as well.

        The next day, Kat woke up and went downstairs to find the kitchen.

        After she’d had breakfast, she went to the parlor, assuming where she’d find Elijah or Klaus.

        Upon entering, she saw Klaus having a drink and sitting in the chair. Elijah wasn’t far from the drinking table.

        They looked at her, when she entered.

        “Good morning, Katerina. Sleep well?” Elijah greeted her.

        “I did, actually,” she replied. “So, any enemies we have to worry about or plot against?” she asked them both.

        “Not at the moment,” Elijah assured her.

        “Well, I’m celebrating the defeat of Dahlia and for the second time, the fall of our parents. You’re welcome to join me, Katerina,” Klaus told her and offered.

        “I think I’m gonna go out instead, but thanks for the offer.”

        She left the parlor and compound. She’d heard about Freya and Mikael’s close relationship. Now that Klaus had killed Mikael, she knew Freya had to be upset. Since she knew Freya was a witch, she knew where she’d be.

        She entered the cemetery and soon found her.

        Freya sensed a presence, so she looked to see the mother of Elijah’s unborn child.

        “You shouldn’t be here. You should go,” she told Katherine.

        The human approached where she was. She saw some ingredients on the rock.

        “Why would I leave? I came here to talk. I know what Klaus did to Mikael, but you need to look at it how Klaus and the rest of them do. They never knew Mikael as the kind father you knew. He was ruthless. He ruined their lives, just as Dahlia ruined yours. I’m not picking sides, but I understand what you’re feeling. I spent 500 years looking for a way to kill Klaus after he killed my mother. He slaughtered my village and family, but I was closest to my mother. I wanted revenge for what he did, but after I found out how to kill him, I let it go. Seeking my revenge wasn’t worth losing my vampire family I care about. Whatever revenge you may have planned, it’s not worth it. Even if you succeed, the three of them are thick as thieves when there’s a threat. You’ll lose one way or another. Take it from me. It’s best to grieve and move on. Live your life. I know Klaus as well as I know myself. He doesn’t take it well when family betrays him. I don’t like betrayal either,” she told her.

        Freya watched her leave, and knew that Katherine was right. Revenge wasn’t the answer.

        Kat was on her way back to the compound, when she suddenly started to feel not so good. She put a hand on the wall of the building to stay on her feet. Then everything went black.

        An hour later, Elijah decided to go find Katerina. When he did and came upon her, he blurred to her side and pulled her gently into his arms. He then assessed her and realized that she was pale, though she wasn’t injured. That’s when he realized that it could be their child. She was human, and he was a vampire. They didn’t know the species of their child yet. If it was a vampire or even half vampire, it made sense to him what was happening to her. If that was the case, he knew that this pregnancy was dangerous for her.

        He got to his feet with her in his arms, and blurred home.

        Once he’d layed her down in his bed, he called Freya, hoping that she’d help him. He couldn’t bear to lose her.

        Freya was on her way home, when she got a call from Elijah.

        “Yes, brother?”

        “I need your help. I’m afraid Katerina may be in danger. I found her on the street. She’s not injured, but yet something is wrong. I fear that our child has done this to her.”

        “Stay with her. I’ll see what I can do,” Freya replied, before hanging up.

        Once in the room, she realized what Elijah was talking about. She wasn’t injured, but something was definitely wrong. That’s when she realized that this child inside her wasn’t a normal human child. This child was at least half vampire, and it was feeding on Katherine’s human blood.

        Freya approached her bedside and looked at her brother.

        “I know she used to be a vampire, so how did she get turned back into a human?”

        “The cure for vampirism got shoved down her throat,” he answered her.

        “Do you know if she can digest vampire blood? She needs blood one way or another. Without it, this baby is going to kill her. It’s feeding on her blood,” she explained to him.

        “I can try, but no one knows if there are any consequences with the cure,” he informed her.

        He bit his wrist and put it to her lips, making a small amount of his blood go down her throat. He then took his wrist away, and they both realized that she couldn’t digest it, when it didn’t stay down.

        “We’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way,” Freya commented.

        After she’d told Rebekah what was happening, and Rebekah had brought what was needed, Freya did the blood transfusion. She used her own blood, since she was the only Mikaelson that was human. She knew it was best to give her human blood, instead of vampire blood.

        After she finished, Elijah thanked her, and Freya left the room, going to her bedroom to rest.

        Elijah sat on her bedside, his hand on hers, looking down at her, waiting for her to awaken. He hoped that she’d be okay. He couldn’t bear it if he lost her. Yes, he’d left, but he was here now. No matter what, even if they were miles apart, he’d be there for her. She was his world. He’d only left, because he hadn’t wanted to choose between Klaus or her. He hadn’t given up on their relationship or her. He’d just needed space to decide what to do, and he’d had to help Klaus win New Orleans back as king. He’d promised himself that he’d return when it was all said and done, but Katerina had beat him to it, when she’d shown up, pregnant with his child, as well as human.

        He rested his hand on the side of her face.

        “Katerina, can you hear me?” he called to her, trying to wake her up. Though she looked fine now, he had to know that she was truly okay.

        When she woke up about an hour later, she saw that she was in Elijah’s room in his bed. She also saw that Elijah was on her bedside, worried, and she noticed that she was okay.

        “How do you feel?” he asked her.

        “Good as new,” she answered him.

        “Katerina, we need to figure out what we’re going to do. Our child could kill you. It nearly did today. I can’t lose you. I won’t.”

        “There’s nothing we can do. All we can do is take this one day at a time,” she replied. She knew there wasn’t much they could do. She was a human carrying a child that was at the least, half vampire. There was no telling what would happen to her after she came to term. She wouldn’t lie. She knew she had a fifty-fifty chance at surviving this pregnancy. There were no guarantees.

        He looked at her silently, knowing she was right. All they could do was go one day at a time. He still didn’t want to lose his Katerina, though. She was his world and he was hers, no matter what.

        “Get some rest, Katerina.”

        He got up, kissed her lightly on the forehead, and left the room, closing the door behind himself.

        She watched him go and then did as he asked of her.

        Elijah was in the parlor, having a shot glass of bourbon, when Rebekah walked in and poured herself a shot glass of bourbon, too.

        “How’s the original doppelganger with your bun in her oven? Not that I care or anything.”

        Elijah looked at her.

        “She’ll be fine,” he replied. He knew she despised Katerina, so he knew Rebekah was just playing nice.

        The blonde didn’t show it, but she was happy that Katherine was okay. She despised her, but she wouldn’t want Elijah to lose the love of his life or the child. She’d had too many lifetimes of her happiness being stolen away. She’d hate for the same to happen to Elijah. He sacrificed everything, instead of allowing himself to have happiness so that their family could maybe one day be redeemed. He deserved to be happy after everything he’d lost.

        She sat down on the couch and began to drink her shot glass of bourbon.

        It was a beautiful day, as the human went downstairs. She was ready for the day and had already eaten earlier.

        Upon entering the parlor, she saw an old ally of hers. Marcel. They’d been allies after Mikael had burned the city to the ground in 1918, but they’d lost touch since then.

        “Look who decided to become human. Long time no see, Katherine,” he greeted, when she entered.

        She gave him a smile.

        “It’s nice to see you, too.”

        Klaus looked at them from where he sat on the couch with a shot glass of bourbon.

        “I was unaware you knew each other.”

        “It’s been since the 90’s that we’ve seen each other, but yes. We know each other. I helped him get tourists back to this city. I knew about what Mikael did and wanted to help bring it back to life. When I found out how Marcel was controlling the witches though, I brought you to town, so you could take back the city. If Marcel wasn’t controlling the city, the witches would be free. I don’t appreciate witches being controlled. One of them was a good friend of mine,” she explained.

        “You could’ve told me, you know,” Marcel told her.

        She looked at him.

        “Why? Why waste my breath? You’re too much like Klaus. You never would’ve listened to me.”

        Marcel was silent, knowing she was right.

        The months passed quickly it seemed, and she gave birth to Elijah’s child. They named their child Kalila which meant dearly loved. Though Kalila was healthy, because the mother was human, she had to be tended to, since their baby was half vampire and half human. Kat did survive the birth, though.

        It was a dismal night, as Klaus surveyed the art at the art gallery. There’d been a few murders recently that were odd, but he didn’t really care. They were only humans, after all.

        Klaus looked up from a painting, suddenly sensing someone there. That’s when he saw an old friend whom he’d turned.

        Klaus approached Lucien.

        “What are you doing here?” he needed to know, afraid of whoever else may have come to town. Katerina had just had Kalila not long ago. Now was not the time for enemies to start showing up.

        “Don’t worry. I’m here as a friend,” Lucien assured him. “I need to talk to you in private.”

        Klaus’ interest was piqued.

        “What’s this about?”

        “Come with me and you’ll find out.”

        Klaus accepted and followed Lucien.

        Lucien entered the penthouse suite he was staying at and invited Klaus inside. Then he grabbed himself a shot glass of bourbon, took a sip, and sat on the couch, as he spoke.

        “I have a credible witch on my side that has told me of a prophecy. We don’t know much, but it involves you and your family. It states that you will all fall. I’ve come to this glorious city to help you.”

        Klaus became worried with this news. If his family ceased to exist, so would vampires. Katerina would be all alone to raise Kalila and have to fend for them both.

        “I don’t want your help,” he retorted.

        Lucien took a sip and looked at his sire.

        “But you need it.”

        Klaus accepted after considering. Then he headed home. He had to tell Freya about this prophecy. If she could find out more about the prophecy, she could shed some light onto this situation.

        Katherine was in the parlor with Elijah, when Klaus came home and called a family meeting. Then everyone met upstairs.

        After he informed them of what Lucien had said, Freya did a spell to find out more about the prophecy. And she did find out more.

        Freya spoke.

        “You will all fall. One by love, one by friend, and one by foe.”

        Freya stopped the spell.

        “We can prevent this, right?” Katherine said, not wanting anything to happen to the Mikaelsons.

        “We can try,” Freya replied.

        “Well, one thing is for certain,” Klaus commented. “I think we all know the last part of the prophecy is me.”

        Katherine having already interpreted that, looked at her former enemy she’d come to know as a friend.

        “Don’t worry. I won’t let anything happen to you or your family. And if it comes down to a fight, I’ll gladly fight at your side.”

        They gave a smile at each other, glad that they were on the same side for once.

        After finding out that Tristan and then Aurora were in town, and once Aurora found out what Katherine meant to Elijah, Aurora captured her and left her at the gym with a few guys that were in transition. This was Aurora’s game. She wanted to see if Elijah could find her in time. She was still mad at Elijah for compelling her when she was human. This was part of her punishment for him. She had more in store for him, though.

        It was a dismal night, as Elijah searched for Katerina. He’d been looking since that afternoon once he’d gotten Aurora’s message.

        Meanwhile, Katherine had staked two of the guys, but was now being fed on. She knew as a human, she couldn’t stop a vampire from feeding on her, so she could only hope to be found before it was too late.

        Half an hour later, when Elijah smelled the mixed scents of human blood, Katerina and vampire, he followed the scent trail.

        A few minutes later, he was inside the gym and saw a vampire feeding on his Katerina.

        In an instant, he ripped his heart out and dropped it. The vampire fell to the floor, dead, and Elijah caught Katerina from hitting the floor.

        “Stay with me, Katerina.”

        He gently picked her up in his arms and blurred home.

        Once he was home and had her on their bed, Rebekah tended to her upon his request and, a few minutes later, she was good as new.

        A few days later, Klaus and Aurora fought after Freya had been rescued from the box Aurora had buried underground. When Aurora saw Elijah in a distance, she shot him, but Katherine was there to pull the bullet out, saving him from dying by a White Oak bullet.

        Soon enough, Aurora was taken down, as was Tristan and, soon after, when he turned himself into a weapon, Lucien was also taken down. The prophecy still remained, though.

        Several weeks after the fall of Aurora, Tristan and Lucien, it was revealed that the prophecy spoke of Marcel. Marcel turned himself into a weapon against them after the death of Davina. Then the night of the showdown happened.

        Katherine entered the compound to see Marcel bite Kol and Elijah and throw Klaus. Klaus hit a pillar, which broke half way with the force.

        Katherine approached, as she yelled at Marcel.


        Kat stood in front of Marcel.

        “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

        “I think you know what I’m doing, Katherine,” Marcel replied. “I’m doing the world a favor. Everything they touch, eventually dies. Besides, it’s Kol’s fault that Davina is dead and Freya’s fault that we couldn’t bring Davina back. This is their punishment.”

        “I’ve had enough of you. You take over our home and turn yourself into a weapon against the closest people I have to a family and you bite a couple of them, knowing there isn’t a cure. If they die, I’m going to become your worst nightmare,” she threatened with venom in her voice. Then she walked over to Elijah and put an arm around him, helping him to his feet and he put an arm around her shoulders. She then looked at Klaus whom was now getting to his feet. “Get Kol. I’ll be right behind you with Elijah.”

        Klaus went over and helped Kol up and together, the Originals and human left the compound and went to the penthouse, where Kat had left Kalila with Freya.

        Soon, they entered the penthouse and with Freya and Katherine together, they tried to find a cure, or maybe even a way to save them, so Freya put them all under a sleeping spell to save her family and herself.

        Later that night, Katherine left New Orleans with Kalila in her baby seat in the passenger’s seat of a semi-truck, the Mikaelson siblings in the back in their coffins, asleep, all of them except for Freya, with a dagger in them. This was the only way to save them from dying, and so, Klaus had given himself up to Marcel to keep Marcel from hunting his siblings down, and Katherine was searching high and low for a cure.

        Three years later, she’d found a cure, so she left Kalila on the outskirts of New Orleans with an elderly werewolf named Mary, while she put the Mikaelson siblings inside a warehouse in an abandoned area of New Orleans.

        Once she’d had them inside and she’d caught a certain werewolf, so the cure could be created, she woke Freya up whom then began the spell, creating the cure. Then, once the cure was created, Katherine took a vial of it and gave it to Elijah first, before pulling the dagger out. Then she did the same for Rebekah and lastly, Kol.

        Once they were cured and had fed, Katherine left the warehouse and headed to the French Quarter to save Klaus.

        Klaus had shackles on his wrists and was weak from starvation, as he stood in a circle with Alistair, one of his sired vampires. He refused to show any weakness, though. He wouldn’t satisfy his enemies by letting them see how weak he was.

        Marcel stood not far from the circle, as Alistair faced off with Klaus. Alistair had a sword in hand which, in secret, Marcel had told Alistair that the tip had his venom on it.

        Klaus got ready for a fight, expecting one, but then Alistair was magically thrown out of the circle and the sword fell to the ground.

        The sire line that was in the compound, looked to see the newcomer. Some were a little uneasy, knowing exactly who she was, even though she was a human.

        “You’ve come back,” Marcel stated.

        “I have. I’m ready to rescue Klaus.” She stood by the circle that Klaus was standing in and addressed the vampires. “Now, if any of you want to take a shot, I assure you that you’ll lose. Never mess with an angry mother. Especially, me. If you value your lives, you’ll leave now and never return to New Orleans.” She was satisfied when they all left in a blur, and she gave a smile at that. She then looked at Marcel. “You wanna fight me on this? Go ahead. You’ll never win. In fact, I know exactly how to stop you.” She magically broke one of his legs, making him fall to the ground in pain. Then she magically turned him back into a normal vampire. When she’d finished with that and had killed Alistair, she turned to the circle and took the barrier away. Then she took the chains off of him and put an arm around Klaus. “Let’s go home.”

        Klaus wasn’t in the mood to argue about anything, so he put an arm around her shoulders, letting her help him.

        After he’d fed and had recovered, she brought him home and, though Klaus stayed at the house, Kol and Rebekah left New Orleans to travel together and Elijah and Katherine left New Orleans with Kalila to go explore together. She and Elijah wanted to go somewhere to start fresh where they wouldn’t encounter any enemies. And so, that’s exactly what they did, and everyone had happy lives. Klaus even killed Marcel once and for all and got the compound back.
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Save Us (Kat, Niklaus, Rebekah, Elijah, and Hayley


        It’s a dark night in Mystic Falls, Virginia as I enter the boarding house. I’m human now, so I’m not exactly keeping track of my vampire family. No one’s in the living room, so I can only assume that Damon, Elena, and Stefan aren’t home right now.

        I have just poured myself a shot glass of bourbon and am sipping it, seated on the couch, when my phone rings. I take my phone out and smile, when I see the caller ID.

        “Elijah. This is unexpected. What’s wrong?” I say, knowing him being in New Orleans keeps him occupied. Plus, Elijah never calls me. That means something must be wrong.

        “I need your help, Katerina,” he informs me. He then explains to me the Celeste and sibling problem he’s having. He explains that Niklaus and Rebekah have been taken and Celeste is behind it all. He also informs me that she used witch magic to put witch names all over his body.

        “I’m coming. I’ll be there as soon as I can,” I answer. “But there’s something you need to know.”

        “What is it, Katerina?”

        “I need to let you know that I’m human. I got the cure shoved down my throat. Now I’m dying. When this is all over, I need a witch to help me.”

        “Oh, Katerina,” is all he can say.

        As I drive my SUV, I want to kill Celeste for what she has done to Rebekah. I don’t and never have cared about Klaus, but I do care about Rebekah. And as I drive, Elijah goes on to tell me that he doesn’t know what state Klaus is in, but a pack of werewolves bit Rebekah. I then ask him to name the names of the witches Celeste put all over his body. We then realize that there’s one witch not on his body.

        “I know what she’s holding them. I’ll get them out of there. You stay and keep Hayley out of danger. I’ll meet you there as soon as I can. I love you, Elijah.”

        “I love you too, Katerina.”

        We hang up.

        As soon as I arrive in New Orleans, I head towards the abandoned hospital. I have a feeling that Celeste has them there. The witch, Genevieve, was a nurse there and Rebekah helped her help the epidemic patients back in 1918.

        When I enter the old hospital, I walk silently down the hallways, looking for them.

        “Klaus?” I call for him. “Klaus, where are you?”

        A moment later, I find him in a room lying on a slab of pavement.

        I go to and kneel down at his right side.

        “Klaus?” I gently call to him.

        Nothing. He must be out cold.

        I pat his left cheek, trying to wake him up.

        “Klaus, wake up. It’s me. Can you hear me? Come on. You have to wake up.”

        When he doesn’t, I realize that something is wrong. I then see that it looks like someone stabbed him with something. So, using my Traveler magic, I concentrate, closing my eyes, resting a gentle hand on his chest, and think about getting whatever it is, out of him.

        A few minutes later, a knife is in my hand and his wound is healed. I then put the knife in my purse and get to my feet, before trying again.

        “Klaus, wake up. Klaus,” I call to him gently.

        A moment later, he groans, as he starts to come to.


        When I wake up, I still feel weak, but I don’t feel the knife inside me. I then see Katerina.

        “Katerina?” I question her.

        “It’s me. I just saved your life.”

        “Why?” I ask her, knowing that after everything I have done to her for the past 500 years, she would never help me, much less save my life. Unless she needs me for something, of course.

        “Because Elijah called me. You should go. I have to find Rebekah.”

        Even though I don’t have all of my strength back yet, I have the hospital without looking back. I know Katerina will find her and bring her safely home. Katerina is many things, but she doesn’t have it in her to do anything to my sister.


        When I find Rebekah, I run towards her and look down at her in worry. She’s out cold, sweaty, and on her back on a bed.

        I take Klaus’ blood out of my purse and open the vial. I then sit on her bedside and sit her up against me gently. I then put the vial to her lips, making it go down her throat to cure her.

        Once it’s finished, I set it down on the table by the bed. I then lay her gently back down on the bed and get off the bed, looking down at her.


        When I wake up, I feel better than before I had blacked out earlier. I then see Katherine standing at my left bedside.


        “It’s me. How do you feel?”

        “Better. What the bloody hell are you doing here?” I question her, as I slowly sit up.

        "Elijah called me and asked me for help in finding you and Klaus. If we hurry, we can catch up with me before he gets home. Plus, he’s still weak from what Celeste or whoever did to him. But there’s only me, and I can’t help both of you at the same time, so I told him to start heading home,” she explains.

        “Then let’s get out of this God forsaken place,” I reply, getting to my feet.

        It isn’t long before we catch up with Nik and get home, where we’re welcomed back by Elijah, Hayley, and Marcel. I then go fetch some blood bags, so I can get my strength back. I don’t look it, but I’m still weak from what I’ve just been through.


        I turn to look at Katerina.

        “Care to tell us why exactly you’ve come here, Katerina? You and me both know we don’t like each other. Why would you help me? Why come to New Orleans?”

        “I already told you most of it when I rescued you. The other reason is that the cure got shoved down my throat. Now I’m dying. I need a witch to do a spell for me,” she replies.

        Looking at her, I realize that she’s telling the truth. She’s human. She still looks young, but she has grown to having gray hair.

        “Oh, Katerina,” I say.

        I turn away from her and head for the stairs. I lean heavily against the railing, as I start to head up the stairs.

        “Let me help,” she says, before putting an arm around me and helping me.

        I silently let her, and we head for my room, stopping once I’m in my bed.

        “I’ll get you some blood. You need your strength back and mine probably won’t taste good. That, and before Damon fed me to Silas, the cure was still in me. I don’t know if it still is or not, but I do know that I can’t digest vampire blood. If I can’t get a witch to help me, I’m a lost cause. So, if there’s a part of you that cares; a part that has some humanity, do me a favor. Promise me that you won’t kill Nadia if she comes here looking for me,” she says.

        “Who’s Nadia exactly?” I ask her.

        “My long-lost daughter. When Silas was alive, she kept me safe, even when I didn’t know who she was. She found me after less than 500 years of searching for me. She’s all I have left of my family, Klaus. I didn’t even know she was alive, because I couldn’t find her in 1498. I searched every village in Bulgaria, but she wasn’t there. I didn’t get reunited with my daughter for her to get killed by my greatest enemy. Please. Consider this my dying wish.”

        I can tell that she’s practically begging me to spare her only child. So, knowing what I’ve cause her and what it feels like now to have a child, I decide to honor her wish.

        “I promise you, Katerina, that not harm will come to Nadia, as long as my family and I exist,” I answer her.

        “Thank you. I’ll be back with blood for you.”

        A few minutes later, she comes back with a cup of blood and hands it to me.

        I take it and start to sip it.

        “I’ll be back later to see how you’re doing,” she says, before walking out of my room.


        When Katerina rejoins us and tells us the whole situation, it makes me wonder why she didn’t come to us sooner.

        “I need someone to come with me in case something or someone tries anything.”

        She looks between Marcel, Hayley, and I.

        I’m about to volunteer, when Hayley speaks.

        “The cemetery has a spell on it, so I should go. I’m the only one here that’s not a vampire or a hybrid.”

        “Be careful,” I say.

        “We’ll be careful,” Katerina promises me.

        I watch, as she and Hayley walk off to go help Katerina.


        Katherine and I are silent, as we walk towards where the witches are at in the cemetery. I don’t like going back there where they threatened to kill my baby and myself a few weeks ago, but no vampire can enter or leave this cemetery. So, I’m stuck helping her. Besides, I’m probably the only one the witches aren’t afraid of and won’t kill.

        We walk inside to see Monique by a table.

        She looks at us.

        “Who’s this? What are you doing here?” she asks me.

        “Monique, this is Katherine. She needs help and you’re the only one that can help her,” I reply.

        Katherine walks towards her until she’s in front of the table.

        “I need you to do a spell for me. There has to be something you can do to stop me from growing old faster than usual. If not, maybe you can do what’s called the Immortal spell. My ally in Mystic Falls did it once. You should be able to, too. But only as a last resort. I don’t want to die. It’s too soon. I just got my daughter back. I don’t want to lose or leave Nadia again. I have her a promise that I will always be there for her, and I intend to keep that promise. Please,” she tells her.


        After searching in spell books for a while, she does a spell which restores her how she was. It makes her a vampire again.

        Afterward, she looks at Monique.

        “Thank you.”

        I follow Katherine out, glad to be out of there.

        “So, you’ll be leaving then?” I ask her, as we head back to the Originals’ family home.

        “Not right away, no. I need to know where Elijah and I stand first. I need to know if he’ll be going back. By the looks of things, he’ll be staying. Which means that Nadia will come looking for me here. If Elijah stays, I’m staying for good. Nadia’s feeling protective just like any child, so she’ll be coming to look after me. Even if she does though, I don’t have to worry. Klaus has given me a promise that he won’t kill Nadia. I made him promise, knowing I was dying. And considering I saved his and Rebekah’s life tonight, he owes me their lives. Klaus is many things, but he is not that much of a monster. He doesn’t break promises,” she explains to me.


        When we get home, Hayley goes to bed, and I stay in Elijah’s room with my favorite Original. I tell him everything and I decide to stay. So, we all live as happily ever after as we can, with Klaus and Rebekah getting their full strength back. Also, just as I predicted, Nadia comes to live with us and war between us and Celeste continues.
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