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Elliot Nigel Killian (E.K.)
He/Him It
Demiromantic Demisexual

Elliot Nigel Killian (also known as E.K.) is a doctor. He was born and raised in a shady forest in the middle of nowhere. He was raised by his father who was a therapist at a mental asylum named Bridgemond. It is a long story but E.K. grew up to be the most insane and homicidal Alter in the system. He has a deep hatred for human beings and is not the best with being nice or friendly. He is a very smart and manipulative sadist in life that isn't opposed to any kind of crime. He is not a good person.
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She/Her They/Them
Panromantic Lesbian

Chi is the sweet witch od the group. She is a good person with a big heart and a British accent. She has a big heart for family and loves her brother, Nimb, more than anything. Chi is a good kid with a good childhood and a good family. She loves her friends and cares for everyone she comes around. When she isn't being a dork or talking passionately about politics, she's practising witchcraft and magiks.
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Panromantic Pansexual

Nimb is the flirty bad boy of the system. He is the protector and is always finding himself in trouble. He loves everyone and does his best to care for everyone. When you look past his "I don't care" attitude you'll see a very loving and caring guy that wants the best for everyone. Though, be careful with him. He might act like big sh*t, but he has severe depression and a past of abuse. There is always a lot going on in his mind, but he is quick to worry about someone else.He loves everyone and hates everyone.
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Panromantic Pansexual

This is the Host of the system and the one that is the biggest nerd. Orion is an anxious ball of love to give and song lyrics. Not only is he Hamilton Trash but he does all he can for his friends, especially the friends that are as big of nerds as him. He is loyal and naive as well as a cute, kinky, boy. He is a trans boy who isn't on T yet, but he doesn't let anything stop him from wearing whatever he wants and being who he is.
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Kingdom System

Heyo. My name is Orion and I am a part of the Kingdom (KD) System! There are five of us (Nimb, Chi, E.K., Darling, and me, Orion). We are all one body with D.I.D. D.I.D is Dissociative Identity Disorder and it gives the body multiple personalities. Each personality has a role and serves a purpose. I am the Host or the personality that was here first/born into the body. The people and personalities that came to the body, later on, are called Alters or just other people (each person feels a certain way about what they are called so you can just ask them). Each Alter is their own person and has their own looks, age, personality, likes and dislikes, and backstory. There is a lot to know about each of us and I hope we can make some friends! But first, here is some information about the body and Head Space.


Our body is fourteen years old. We are in our freshman year of high school and live in Pennsylvania. We are 5'7" when it comes to height and 110 pounds in weight. The body was born female.

Head Space

Our Head Space is like a town with many features. There is a suburban area where you will find Darling hanging out. A hospital and dark forest E.K. enjoys. A big city, resembling New York, that Nimb loves and lives in. And a light forest Chi spends her time in. I, Orion, don't spend a lot of time in our Head Space, but it has many features and buildings as well as cool places the Alters and I love to hang out when we aren't fronting.

Anyway, Thank you for reading and I hope we can be friends! If you have any questions just leave them below!

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