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Moon Over Bourbon Street

A/N: Kat is still in her human body. She never went into Elena’s body.

        It was a dark night, as human Katherine Pierce, formerly Katerina Petrova, limped through the woods and towards the Mikaelson home. She was in search of Elijah, because she knew he was the only one right now that would help her when she was in need. And she needed help from witches. Plus, she knew from word on the New Orleans streets that there was a party being thrown at the Mikaelson place. All supernatural species had been invited. It had been Elijah whom had thrown the party, she had heard, because for some reason, Niklaus Mikaelson was in no mood to do anything, much less stop every supernatural creature from killing each other. He was still the Elijah that she had fallen in love with all those years ago. The one that was always intent on keeping the peace. And he would never let anything happen to her if he could help it. She knew he still loved her, even though he had broken up with her before leaving Mystic Falls. But she knew he had only done it out of loyalty to his family. His family needed him and that is why he had gone to New Orleans. She thought he’d be back as soon as he could get away from New Orleans, but he hadn’t come back. So, since she was dying and he was the only Original that cared if she lived or died, she would come to him for help. And if he couldn’t help her or the witches couldn’t, then she would spend her last days with the only guy that she truly loved to this day.

        As she approached the house, she could see that there was definitely a party being held. And as soon as she entered the compound, there were murmurs of supernatural creatures that saw her, asking each other who she was and why she had come. Then, as soon as she saw Elijah speaking to a witch, she approached him, trying not to limp. She didn’t want to show him in front of all these people how miserable she was and how hurt she was.

        “Elijah,” she said to get his attention.

        He turned around to face her, hearing the all too familiar voice of his love life.

        “Katerina, what are you doing here?” he calmly questioned. Then, seeing the state she was in and realizing she was cured of vampirism, he added, “What happened to you?”

        “I was mad at Bonnie for not giving me the cure and I took it out on Elena. I tried to kill Elena, so Elena shoved the cure down my throat. Apparently, she had it all along. Now I’m human, and since I turned 500 years ago, I’m dying of old age. Literally. Please, Elijah. I need your help. I need a witch. Someone I can trust.”

        “This isn’t a good time right now, but I assure you, I will do everything possible to save you,” he promised her.

        “What are you doing here?” asked a female from behind Katherine.

        Katherine turned around to see Hayley Marshall alongside a guy. She assumed he was also a werewolf.

        “Asking some help from Elijah to find a witch that I can trust to save my life. I’m dying of old age. I didn’t know Elena had the cure for vampirism when I tried to kill her over anger of Bonnie not giving me the cure. Elena shoved the cure down my throat. Since I turned 500 years ago, I’m dying of old age. Apparently, the universe is out to get me whether I like it or not. By the way, congratulations. I heard that you’re going to have Klaus’ child. Maybe, if we’re lucky, it’ll be the key to redeeming him. And who’s he?”

        “Jackson. I guess we were supposed to get married but I’ve been moving around so much, I didn’t know until recently. If you’re looking for a witch that you can trust, you should probably look around for Monique,” she replied, feeling sorry for Katherine.

        “Thank you, Hayley,” she said to the werewolf, grateful for the information.

        Katherine looked at Elijah again.

        “I’m going to go find Monique.”

        Elijah watched, as Katerina half walked half limped away from him. He wished he could fix her, but he knew it was something that only a witch could do for her.

        After a few minutes, Katherine found a couple witches standing by a wall of the compound.

        “Monique, I need to talk to you,” she said to the witch, once in a long time, being kind. She knew she was human and Monique was a witch. She didn’t want to peeve her off, for fear of what she would do to her.

        “And who are you?”

        “Katherine Pierce. I’m human now due to the cure for vampirism getting shoved down my throat. Please. I’m asking for your help. The cure made me human, but it’s also making me die of old age faster than a normal human. It’s because I was turned 500 years ago. Please. I know if it was Sophie, she’d help me. We were allies before she got killed. If you don’t do it for me, then do it for your sister.”

        Realizing that she was telling the truth, she told the newly turned human, “Follow me.”

        Katherine did likewise.

        A few hours later, Katherine was cured of everything the cure had done to her, so Katherine returned to the party and went in search of any familiar faces that she might recognize. And as she did, she looked up at the balcony wondering where Klaus was and why he hadn’t come out to play sort of speak. So, she headed upstairs to find him, hoping he wouldn’t kill her for being in his town.

        When she found him, he was in a room painting. Not sure what to do, but telling herself not to be afraid of him, though she didn’t know what kind of mood he was in, she took a couple steps into the room.

        “Klaus?” she said.

        He set his paintbrush down and turned around to face her. And as soon as he saw her, he used hybrid speed to pin her to a wall of the room, an arm across her throat.

        “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t kill you for being in my town? Especially, in the middle of war. I could just say it was an accident and we could all carry on with our lives.”

        “Well, it was come here to get some help from some witches so I wouldn’t die faster than I should, or let Damon keep breaking his promise to me that he would protect me. I chose to come here for help and I got it thanks to Elijah, Hayley, and Monique. So, if you would be so kind as to let me go, that would great, Klaus. Besides, if you kill me, it’ll be for nothing. I haven’t done anything wrong and Elijah would never forgive you for killing me.”

        Seeing her point, he let her go and went back to painting.

        “So, tell me. Why are you in here painting out your inner feelings, while Elijah’s having all the fun out there? I would’ve thought you’d be ready to win whatever war this is that you want to win.”

        “If you must know, I let my dear sister go. She’s free to do whatever she likes. We’re too broken to carry on being in the same town. We’d most likely kill each other if we stayed in the same town.”

        “So, that’s why you’re here. You’re upset at yourself that you let Rebekah go. Always and Forever, right? Sometimes you have to let people go, Klaus. It’s the only way sometimes to give them happiness that they deserve after so long.”

        “And you would know this, Katerina, how?” he questioned, looking at her.

        “Well, I may pretend not to feel anything, especially when I was a vampire, but things changed when I found out that my daughter is a vampire and found me. Before I met any of you, my family disowned me for having an illegitimate daughter. I never saw her again. I couldn’t find her in 1498, so I left Bulgaria again. But now we’re reunited. She’s in Mystic Falls right now. She’s the only one that knows where I went to and why. I know a little something about love and letting people you care about go, even though you don’t want to. Even after everything you’ve done to me. The pain will never go away, but I’ve forgiven you.”

        He watched, as she left the room and heard her, as she headed back down the stairs. He then went back to painting.

        In the end, Elijah and Katherine got back together and she stayed in New Orleans.
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Loss (Kalijah)

        It was a dark night in New Orleans, as Elijah Mikaelson stood in front of his window in his bedroom, looking into the distance at the night sky. He had just received news from Mystic Falls that Katerina, the girl he would always love, was dead. He wished now that he had asked her to come to New Orleans with him, instead of saying good-bye to her, ultimately breaking up with her. If he had, maybe she wouldn’t be dead. It broke his heart that he would never see her again. He would never get to touch her or kiss her one last time. All because he hadn’t been there for her, when she needed him the most. And the last thing she had said to him was “Please, Elijah,” pleading for him to stay. Worse, his brother hadn’t told him that she was dying. Instead, he had to find out from a call from Caroline Forbes herself that she was dead. He just hoped that she was in peace.

        As he stood there, memories came to him. The first was when he had first met her in England. She had been so full of light back then. He had enjoyed her and then fallen for her. Then he had tracked her down when she had ran, out of loyalty to his brother. He had failed to find her, though. Then came the time in New York a few months ago. She had told him that she loved him, even though she knew he didn’t trust her. She had also said that she had lied and ran for so long, that she didn’t remember who she was when they had first met. She had then given him the cure, saying that she needed him to trust her, just like she was trusting him. The last thing he remembered was when he had said good-bye and had kissed her on the forehead, leaving town to go help his brother, thinking that she’d be okay without him, knowing she had looked out for herself for 500 years. He had been totally and utterly wrong, though. He knew that he should’ve checked on her to make sure she was fine, but he hadn’t. He had just left her there without looking back.
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Long Way Back From Hell (3rd revised version)

        It was a beautiful day in New Orleans, as a human Katherine Pierce, formerly Katerina Petrova, walked through the streets in search of Elijah Mikaelson, her ex who left her for his brother. She needed him now more than ever before. She was human now and she had many enemies; all of which were supernatural beings.

        When she made herself to the Bayou, she saw what looked to be the aftermath of an explosion that had been mixed with wolfsbane. And amongst the injured and non-injured werewolves were Elijah and Hayley. It looked to her like Hayley had finally found her family.

        She walked towards them.

        “Katerina?” Elijah questioned, seeing her.

        “I need your help,” she told him.

        “This isn’t the time or place, but we’ll discuss this later.”

        “What happened?” she questioned.

        “Someone sent a suicide bomber out here,” Hayley informed her.

        “Why would someone want to kill werewolves?”

        “I don’t think they planned it like this. Whoever it was, had to be targeting me and my unborn child.”

        “You’re pregnant?”

        “I guess you haven’t heard. I’m carrying Klaus’ “miracle” child, as the wolves call it.”

        “No. I didn’t hear. I’ve been trying to survive any humanly way, but someone broke his promise to protect me from Silas so, as usual, I ran for my life and decided to try my luck in New Orleans. Let’s help your wolves first, though,” she explained.

        They watched, as Katherine went over to where Eve was trying to comfort a small family of a little boy and girl and their parents.

        Eve stood up and looked at her.

        “Katherine. Nice to see you again. I wish it was under better circumstances, though,” she greeted.

        “It’s nice to see you, too. What can I do to help?”

        “Well, I need to go and make the cure for wolfsbane and someone needs to tend to the wounded and be of comfort to the others.”

        “I’ll do both with help from Hayley and Elijah, but there had to be some place you can go until we can fix the damage.”

        “We’ve been banished. We can’t enter the French Quarter.”

        “I’m sure the Originals will have something to say about that. Go make the cure. I’ll do what I can.”

        “Thanks, Katherine.”

        While Eve walked off to go make the cure, she knelt on the ground and looked at the kids whose parents were trying to comfort them.

        “Don’t be afraid. It was just an explosion. Everything will be okay. What’s your name?”



        “Well, I know you’re afraid right now, but you don’t need to be. When I was your age, I used to be afraid too, but you know what?”

        “What?” they asked.

        “My ma’ma told me to look to the stars and listen to the birds. The stars are our ancestors watching over you and if you listen to the birds with your heart, they’ll guide you home and you’re never really alone.”

        The children listened to her and then Sydney had to ask, “Where’s your ma’ma?”

        “She’s one of the stars now.”

        Katherine gave them a smile and then went to comfort and tend to others.

        As Elijah tended to the others and watched Katerina, it made him wonder if she had once had a child, as calm and nurturing as she was with the children.

        Soon, Eve returned with the cure in which Elijah, Hayley, and Katherine gave to the wolves.

        When the wolves were heading out of the Bayou with Hayley and Elijah leading, heading for Father Kieran’s church, another explosion happened.

        “Get them out of here. I need to help her,” he told Hayley.

        She knew who he was referring to.

        “I’ll meet you at the church.”

        Elijah left the wolves to find the love of his life, though she was his ex.

        “Katerina!” he yelled, as he raced towards where she lay.

        He knelt at her side and looked down at her. She lay on her side with her lower left side bleeding, eyes closed, but alive.

        He gently pulled her into his arms and bit his wrist, putting it to her lips, making his blood go down her throat.

        “Stay with me, Katerina. I’m right here. I’ll protect you. Just stay with me,” he said, not wanting to lose her.

        He took his wrist away, which instantly healed, as did her wound.

        A few hours later, when she woke up, she saw that she was in Elijah’s room with him seated on her bedside.

        She smiled and slowly sat up in bed.

        “You saved me. Thanks.”

        “Always and forever, Katerina,” he replied with a smile.

        She smiled back.

        A moment later, they were kissing.
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Long Way Back From Hell (2nd revised version)

        It was a beautiful day in the Bayou, as explosions went off. Then, when they stopped, they knew the explosions were filled with wolfsbane. A few wolves were dead and a few had been wolfsbaned.

        When Elijah was helping Eve away from the trailer home that had been flipped during one of the explosions, he smelled an all too familiar scent mixed with the smell of blood.


        He was instantly by the trailer home door, trying to get it to open to help her.

        “I’ll take care of Katherine. Go help Eve with the wolves. I’ll let you know if I need you to help with her,” Hayley told him, standing in front of him, looking at him.

        He did as she said to do, while Hayley found a gap big enough for her to go inside to help her.

        Once inside, it wasn’t hard to find her.

        She knelt by her head and felt for a pulse. Amazingly, she was still alive.

        She took her fingers away from the right side of her neck.

        She looked at her and around the area. She had to be careful so that the whole thing didn’t collapse on them both. There was wood barely holding up what was now the roof, but had been the floor before all the explosions. To top it off, Katherine was human injured. A long piece of wood was protruding from her left side, not far from her abdomen. Her right side had a long, deep gash. There was blood on either side of her head and a heavy pile of wood was weighing down on the lower half of the human.

        Hayley got to her feet and used her werewolf strength to get the pile off her.

        Afterward, she put her arms under hers and carefully drug her out of there.

        Once she had gently layed her down a ways away from it, she saw how much blood she had lost.

        “Jackson,” she called.

        Jackson came and knelt by Hayley.

        She took her Jacket off.

        “I need you to use this to apply pressure. I’m going to pull the woods out.”

        She did just that and he used Hayley’s jacket to apply pressure to both wounds. She could let her lose any more blood.

        “Elijah,” Hayley called.

        He was instantly knelt at his Katerina’s left side. He knew why he was needed, so he bit his wrist. He put it to her lips, making his blood go down her throat to heal her and save her life.

        After her wounds had healed, he took his wrist away, which instantly healed.

        Jackson set the jacket on the ground and went to help the wolves.

        “I’ll take her to the compound,” Elijah informed her.

        “Let me,” she replied

        “Very well then.”


        When she parked outside the compound, Klaus was there.

        She got out and opened the passenger’s side door where the human was still out.

        “What is the meaning of this, Little Wolf? What is she doing here?” Klaus growled, as he stood in front of her.

        She explained everything to him and then added, “Don’t kill her yet. Elijah had to give her his blood and I don’t think you want her to be a vampire again. Besides, Elijah would probably hate you if you killed her.”

        Klaus didn’t say anything about that, but he did say, “I’ll take her to her room.” He then gently picked her up and vanished upstairs, carrying her to Elijah’s room. He figured that that was where Elijah would want her to be.

        Once in his elder brother’s room, he gently layed her down on the bed.

        When she woke up, she saw where she was and who was seated on her bedside.

        She smiled.

        “It’s good to see you again.”

        “Why are you here, Katerina? You could’ve been killed,” Elijah replied.

        She sat up and then told him all that had happened to her, before assuring him that she was cured of dying of old age. She then told him, “I came back for you. You were right that day. I’ve lost everything good I ever had. I’ve decided to prove you right. I can be saved. I’m the same girl you have always loved, but I’m broken. I know that you alone can help me.”

        They smiled at each other.

        “Then I’ll save you,” he promised her. “No matter what the cost you’ll always be my precious, beautiful, Katerina.”

        A moment later, they were kissing.
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Long Way Back From Hell

        It was a dark night, as a very human Katherine arrived in New Orleans, only to hear about what she had missed in the past month. She had come to New Orleans for help from Elijah, knowing that no matter what, he would protect her and save her, even after he had broken up with her a month ago. She found out not long after coming to New Orleans, that Klaus and Rebekah were missing. They had possibly been taken by a witch. She knew it wasn’t her friend Sophie, because Sophie would never hurt anyone. Even an Original of a thousand years. So, she figured that she would go out on her own to find out where they were being kept and see if she could help. She was descended from Travelers, so she figured that she could use that to her advantage. The Originals and Sophie were the only ones that knew who she was by just looking at her. Others didn’t know who she was unless she told them.

        A few hours later, she found herself in an old abandoned hospital that hadn’t been used since 1918. She was in search of them, when she heard from a room that had the door open, a girl talking.

        When she came into the room, she saw that the girl was a redhead and was talking to Niklaus Mikaelson.

        “I don’t believe you,” he told her.

        “Then maybe if I dig deeper, you’ll see what your little sister has been doing. She deceived you for 300 years, Klaus.”

        “Nothing you say will make me turn against my own sister.”

        He growled at her.

        Even though she knew he wasn’t happy with the red-head who she realized was a witch, she saw that he was in pain and fighting against both her and fighting to stay awake.

        She decided that this would be the time to step in, so she did just that by summoning what she could of her Traveler magic by using some bottled up anger she had from the hell she’d been through in the last month to throw the witch against a wall.

        “I think you should leave Klaus alone. You’ve done enough. Even someone like Klaus doesn’t deserve whatever you’ve been doing to him,” she said, stepping towards them.

        Genevieve landed against a wall from her Traveler magic, but got back up.

        “Who the hell are you?” Genevieve questioned.

        “Katerina?” Klaus questioned softly.

        “I’m here,” she assured Klaus. “Let’s just say I was looking for Elijah, when I heard that you two were missing because of a witch, so I thought I’d help him out. I recently found out that I’m descended from Travelers and this is my first time of actually using my Traveler magic. I’m here to help you,” she said to him.

        She looked at Genevieve again, as she stood between where Klaus lay on a cement slab and where Genevieve stood by the window.

        “Now, I’m going to be nice enough to ask you to leave him be, before I make you leave. I may be new but I have a lot of anger just from this past month that I can release on you. I suggest that you take my advice.”

        “I’m not going anywhere,” she replied to her.

        “Then so be it.”

        As Kat and Genevieve through magic at each other, Klaus’ vision started to go black again.

        Finally, after half an hour, the fight finally ended when Kat magically through her out the window. Genevieve was fine though and finally left. Kat then turned to where Klaus lay.

        She knelt beside him and looked down at him to assess his condition to see what she needed to do for him. Then she saw something moving inside him, which she realized was the source of his torment and pain he was suffering from.

        “What did you get yourself into?” she questioned softly, before using magic to get whatever it was, out of him. And when she had, she recognized what it was. “Papa Tunde’s knife,” she said.

        An instant later, Klaus’ wound healed.

        A moment later, she heard Rebekah from one of the hallways, calling for her brother. It sounded weak to her, which made her think the worse. She didn’t want anything to happen to Rebekah. She might despise Katherine, but Kat didn’t despise her. She felt bad for her, because like herself, all her happiness had been taken away by Klaus himself and she would never be free. No one was ever good enough for her in Klaus’ eyes. She understood Rebekah too well.

        With a dagger of her own, she gently made a cut on his wrist and poured some of his blood into a vial she always carried with her. She then let his wound heal and closed the vial up, in case Rebekah needed the cure. She then left the room to go find the Original sister.

        When she saw her, she went to her where she was in a corner and looked pretty weak and was fighting to stay awake.

        She approached her.

        “Katherine?” Rebekah questioned quietly.

        “It’s me.”

        She arrived next to her and gave her the vial.

        “Here. I figured you might need it.”

        “Thanks,” she said, before taking it and starting to drink the blood in the vial.

        “When you’re done, get out of here. I’ll take care of Klaus. You get Elijah to come,” Kat said, before leaving Rebekah to her own and going back into the room to be with Klaus. She wasn’t going to leave him like that. He was hurt. She had enough morals not to leave Klaus when he was hurt.

        Soon, she saw someone else enter and knew immediately who it was. She had met her before, but in a different body than she was in right now.

        “Katherine,” the girl greeted.

        “Celeste. I wish I could say that it’s nice to see you, but it’s not. Let me just say that you look better in your previous body back in the 1900’s than you do now. So, what’s your plan? Cause Klaus and Rebekah pain and misery? They’ve had enough already.”

        “That’s not my reason in doing this to them. I made Elijah choose between the girl carrying Klaus’ child or to save one of his siblings. He chose the wolf girl. Hayley. I’m teaching him a lesson about always being on his side, instead of being on someone else’s side.”

        “Elijah will stop you. You’ll see. If you make him angry enough, which I suppose you have, he’ll stop you. He’ll have his revenge on you.”

        “Yes, but he won’t be killing me. Just the girl I’m inhabiting.”

        “It’s Elijah. He’s one step ahead of you. I’m sure of it.”

        “Are you sure? Why have so much faith in an Original that’s always on your enemy’s side?”

        “Klaus isn’t my enemy. I made peace with what he did to me. If I have to, I’ll help Elijah protect Klaus. I’ll die if I have to stop you and protect those you have endangered.”

        “Then so be it,” she replied, before throwing magic at Kat.

        Kat through magic at Celeste and then continued for a while longer.

        When Elijah and Rebekah came in, he saw the scene, so he had Rebekah to get Klaus home, while he dealt with Celeste. She did so, while Elijah went with the plan he made to kill his former love of his life. Celeste.

        As she blurrily saw the fight between Elijah and Celeste, and Rebekah getting her brother to safety, everything started to go black for her. She’d gotten the bad end of the fight with Celeste, but she didn’t care as long as Klaus and Rebekah were okay and Elijah didn’t get hurt. Then she saw him use something to kill Celeste, as everything continued to go black for her.

        A moment later, she saw him at her side.

        “Katerina,” he said, looking at her.

        “Elijah,” she said, as he gently pulled her into his arms.

        As he gently picked her up in his arms, everything went black for her.

        Half an hour later, he had a very human Katerina lying on his bedside, looking down at her, hoping that she’d be okay. He didn’t know if she had taken the cure or what, but she was human and she had just fought a very powerful witch. He wanted to know if she would be okay. He had missed a month of knowing what was happening to her, but she didn’t look the way she had a month ago when he had left here to help Klaus out in New Orleans. Now he wished that he had checked up on her. If she was in New Orleans, he knew what that meant. She had looked for him, wanting something; maybe help from him. They all knew that if she asked Klaus, he would never give anything to her. If she asked Rebekah, she’d get a million questions. But if she asked Elijah, he wouldn’t ask too many questions. He was very well known as the moral brother. If you couldn’t get anyone else to help you, you’d be able to come to Elijah for help, which he would most likely give.

        An hour later, she finally came to, which relieved Elijah. It meant that she would be okay and she would live.

        “Welcome back, Katerina.”

        “Thanks. Did we win?”

        “Yes. We won.”

        “Good,” she replied.

        “What happened to you, Katerina?”

        “I’m human. Elena shoved the cure down my throat a month ago. I was mad, so I tried to kill her. Because I tried to kill her, she shoved it down my throat. Now I’m human and Silas is thankfully dead. I’m dying of old age though, since I turned 500 years ago and if I wasn’t a vampire, we all know that I’d be long dead.”

        “Then I will find a way to stop it,” he replied. “There’s a powerful witch here in New Orleans. I’m sure she can help you.”

        “Thank you,” she replied.

        A few days later, Davina’s spell worked, so Kat was no longer dying of old age and she and Elijah got back together again. She even moved with the Originals and helped Hayley out.
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