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Blog for xXBustedVeinsXx ?!{my Friend Project}

Heyy, I decided to make a SocialCrave so I could actually write a personal blog, I started using Friend Project to write poems and I don't want to mix a personal blog with a poetry blog... sooo yea I made this account.

If you want to follow my Friend Project the link is

Again, my Friend Project account is mostly poems and I will accept all friend requests
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1 | 0 Comments | by suicideroom | Apr 12th 2018 17:58

im sorry

i talk to you
i tell you how i feel
yes i do like you a lot
but i am not in love with you
i do love you
but i am in love with the man i am with
he treats me like a queen
he laughs at my mistakes
he helps me be a better me
i lost things to him out of my choice
i may not have them but at least he didn't leave me after
he has proposed to me
so i am engaged
i have been engaged since before i met you
do i think it is a mistake
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0 | 0 Comments | by Angela17 | Apr 9th 2018 10:44

Memories 2

You were the girlfriend of my best friend
I remember meeting you
You seemed happy
You made him happy
Then I got the news
You were dead
You had ended your life
I never found out how you did it
But your death cost me my friendship
You broke his heart
And mine
You left me blaming myself
I still do
All because of your death
Funny, welcome to Jocelyn Flores
X felt the same way
But I just gotta know
Why did you do it?
Not like I can get an answer
I guess this will just be painful memories
Shrouded in pitch darkness
Just like the darkness that covered me when I was told the news
But these memories will just keep killing me
Even though I know it’s not my fault
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0 | 1 Comment | by opzombie93 | Apr 9th 2018 10:23


(True story)
I hear voices
They try telling me what to do
They sound so controlling
I hate being alone because they get loud
The louder they are
The crazier I feel
But I am crazy
I have delusions
I see things nobody else can
They show me things
But I hate seeing them
I think it’s called
But it’s all proof I am crazy
I believe people are out to get me
I fear the government is in control of our minds
It’s average paranoia
But it drives me crazy
It’s something I need to accept
It’s something I try to understand
But sometimes I try to stay lucid
But I tell myself to accept it
I’m crazy
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1 | 0 Comments | by opzombie93 | Apr 5th 2018 15:22

SOciAL mEdiA aNd RuLEs

•Ask for social media!
°I'll give you my social media if I trust you

•don't be creepy, I'll block you faster than lighting speed
•respect and understand if I don't want to do something
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1 | 0 Comments | by Kimchi | Mar 11th 2018 23:46