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I was going to color this but got lazy!
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0 | 0 Comments | by Grimmae | Oct 30th 2020 15:41


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Phone Call

Older drawing that I somewhat dislike of my character, Roger. He likes to crossdress sometimes.
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Meeting Him

October 2019 commission that I still like enough to post.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Grimmae | Oct 30th 2020 15:29

Fyllo Marrow

Name: Fyllo Marrow
Villain Name: Night Eye
Age: 19
Nickname: Fy
Family: Mother-dead
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship: single
Quirk: Demon. His quirk is powered by sin. The more he sins the stronger his quirk becomes, for example if he steals he can summon a shadow to help him. If he kills he becomes a demon him self, 24 hours for each body.
Personaitly: he's cold an stoic. He tends to keep to him self an dislikes to be around people.
Bio: he killed his parents an his sister was taken from him by his grand parents. They told her that her brother is dead. He became a villain after he was left by his grandparents. He's the villain known as Night Eye because when he turns into his demon form his eyes are as black as night.
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0 | 0 Comments | by FylloMarrow | Aug 29th 2020 11:08

Clicking on External Links

Hi! I'm new to this website.

Hey guys, as you can tell by the title of my blog, I'm new. I'm here to make some friends and memories. Here are a few facts about myself.
1. My name is Eva
2. I'm female but confused.
3. I'm 17
4. I'm taken by my boyfriend
5. I love to roleplay
6. I'm awkward and weird.
7. I'm friendly as long as you are.
8. I'm extremely shy.
9. I love music
10. I love helping others.
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0 | 0 Comments | by GracefulBeauty | Aug 2nd 2020 17:46


hi guys❤ im new here!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;))) text me if u want!!
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1 | 0 Comments | by cocainesuperstar | Jun 28th 2020 17:24


Well hello again.
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0 | 0 Comments | by BlueSonikku | Jun 22nd 2020 06:09


I can't believe I've had this acct since 2015 wow

anyways add me on acnh, add me
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2 | 0 Comments | by mousy | May 9th 2020 02:09

Justice For Amie

Please Sign And Share The Link

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1 | 0 Comments | by CourtneyIsrael1995 | Mar 11th 2020 06:32

Some Info

I made this blog so you could learn a bit about me; Let's start with my likes: MLP, Strawberries, Cute stuff, Indie music, Pokemon, Triangles, Memes, etc. Now the dislikes: Mild g*re, N*FW stuff, Sudden loud noises, Certain textures, etc. I guess I should say this now, I'm questioning my sexuality; I'm stating that because let's just say someone, asked a question that involves my sexuality. If you wanna know anything more feel free to DM me or ask me on this blog!
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0 | 0 Comments | by bughugs | Mar 10th 2020 19:39



Real Wrestling. Real Wrestlers. Real Stories.

Pledge Goal $400,000


Dear Kayfabed,

You have either stumbled into our world or you are a hard-wired rabid member of the sub-culture that is professional wrestling. As a fan, you are the engine that drives the most unique and engrossing form of entertainment on the planet.

Kayfabe is a professional wrestling term derived from carnival lingo that means… to keep secret. Being that we want to keep it REAL, it is the perfect name for our show!

KAYfABE is an edgy, racy, cinematic television series about a female-led professional wrestling start-up. This show is a dramatization and collection of female stories inspired by real-life events.

AND YES, this is still at its core, a wrestling show with world-class, in-ring action!

But, in this unique narrative, we take you behind the curtain, into the locker room and outside of the arena. So what does that even mean? What are you watching? Why are these stories worth a sh*t!?

Because we present them with no filter! You get drama, passion, humor, love, anger, frustration and real-life challenges. Plus, we address the 800-pound elephant in the room, and in the current landscape of the world… abuse of power, manipulation, injury, addiction, inequality and the euphoric high of pursuing your life’s passion that clouds every damn decision.

So who are “we”?

We are first and foremost storytellers. A collection of wrestling insiders… outsiders… outcasts… enthusiasts and renegades. Comprised of current and former wrestling talent, writers, producers, directors, cinematographers and production talent from the entertainment and professional wrestling industries. A synergistic DREAM team if you will.

At the heart of this team is Gail Kim, Amy Dumas, and Christy Hemme…. the first female talent in professional wrestling to move behind the camera as producers, agents and on the creative writing team.

Risks and challenges

In the past two years, we have hustled, researched and invested our money, blood, sweat, and tears getting ready to collaborate with you. The risk has been great. We know there are also challenges that lie ahead. The good news is, you have three women utterly determined to weather any storm to make sure KAYfABE is shared with the world!
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0 | 0 Comments | by CourtneyIsrael1995 | Mar 10th 2020 05:44